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Justin Aspengren missing from Des Plaines, Illinois FOUND

Posted January 6, 2016

Mark Hamilton

“JUSTIN HAS BEEN FOUND!! He is back at home with his family. Thank you to everyone who helped keep an eye out for him and his car, who shared the missing person info with others, who prayed, or who simply hoped for the best. I don’t know any other details, and will leave it up to the family and authorities to share whatever information they feel is appropriate, but I want to thank all of you for your help, and whether or not there really is a God, I thank God that Justin is safe, but moreso, I thank the goodness in all of you who cared and perhaps helped to bring him home”

Des Plaines Illinois

“This is my brother, Justin Aspengren. He is 25 years old, about 6’1, probably 250+lbs. He left work on NYE December 31st 2015 around 3pm, stopped at the bank to deposit his check on the way home, but has not been seen or heard from since. He had said that morning that he was too tired to go out for NYE because he had been ill since Christmas, so he was going to come straight home. He was last known to be driving his older/1990s, dark green Chevy Cavalier plates H773254 around the area of Des Plaines, IL. His phone is either turned off or the battery died. There has been no activity on his bank card/account since he deposited his check around 3:30pm on December 31st. Please, if you have any information at all, contact the Des Plaines Police, and me, his sister, Elizabeth Bradshaw at 847-912-5243 or Please SHARE this post.”

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