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11-month-old Maria Jose Monroy Enciso kidnapped in 2010

Maria’s mother, Maribel Enciso shares her story about her missing daughter,  Maria from Temacac, Mexico, whose she believes may have been sold for illegal adoption or sexual exploitation.  Geiger Crespo Garcia was identified by Maribel as the one who cut her throat and then kidnapped her daughter.  It was believed that Geiger drowned Maria and threw her body into a small canal but her body was never found.  

The following is in her own words:

“**THIS IS THE STORY OF MARIA JOSE MONROY ENCISO** (PLEASE READ IT AND SHARE) The day of September 21 2010, Maribel Enciso was in her eye clinic in Tecamac, Mexico, were about 2 pm that day she had decided to take her daughter Maria Jose with her as she sometimes did, it was all fine until a guy arrived to the clinic, he was previously there due to an eye exam, interested in buying lenses, so that day he was presented to the clinic and Maribel took it very normal as one more client, but unfortunately it was not, this guy shut the door and locked it, he scream and said it was an assault, he began to throw punches to Maribel and ordered her to leave Maria Jose in her chair, she did that and when she put her in the chair he approached Maribel and cut her throat with a razor, she felt faded but was able to see how he take her cellphone, her computer and more importantly, his daughter Maria Jose, she fight against her pain and draw strength to crawl for help to reach her daughter, when someone came to help her, she lost consciousness. She woke up and was in a clinic with a surgery on her throat (tracheotomy), unfortunately her daughter had not appeared yet, she had lost the most vital hours to find her, she was unconscious at the hospital and her husband was in preliminary investigations yielding declarations. When she could stand up she started this untiring search, she went to declare and make a sketch of the kidnapper, and it turns out approximately one month after the kidnapping and attempted murder, a subject with the characteristics of the kidnapper according to the sketch that Maribel had done, was arrested, this guy named Gesyer Crespo Garcia had been arrested for rape a child of 14 years old, and when they notified the family Monroy Enciso about that, they were there to recognize the characteristics and indeed it was the perpetrator of the abduction of 

Maria Jose and the agression to Maribel, they detained and locked him in the penitentiary of Cuautitlan Izcalli, he admitted the kidnapped and “confessed” that he murdered Maria and then thrown her body on a sewage canal, to which many divers rushed to the scene and were in an exhaustive search of the body of Maria, who was never found, just came across to bodies of two adults, never a child’s body. Later, the police went to inspect the apartment of Geyser and found milk cans and some toys for infants there, later a video came to light, recorded by a camera in a public business, where the authorities can see Geyser giving Maria Jose to some woman and then her and Marijo took a bus to Salamanca, Guanajuato Mexico, in the dates that he supposed murdered her, they investigated at the time in that place but did not find the whereabouts of Maria Jose. They issued him for 15 years in prison for attempted murder to Maribel Enciso, but never for raped the girl of 14, or for Maria Jose, claiming that there is no corpus delicti or incriminating evidence. Maria Jose has been missing for 5 years now, and he have the same years of his punishment, and thanks to the National Commission of Human Rights, he can remain silent, they protect him according to that amendment. Today Maria Jose is 6 years old, and still dissapeared, that is why we are looking for her into this social networks along with the police and official search, but since the authorities almost closed the case because it is an old investigation, unfortunately she was not able to have Amber alert due to it does not exist yet in that year, and they can’t help us because of that. This is for you to know how she is missing for so many years, I hope that you can help us find her soon. It’s time for us to rest and spend time with our baby girl now, and restore the missing years.”

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