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Police dig up yard searching for missing Connecticut girl that went missing in 1997

1/16/16 – The police are digging at a property on Prospect Hill Road in Cromwell, Conn. for the remains of Rosa Delgado, 21, and Rosita Camacho, 4.

Delgado and Rosita were last on a street corner in a Markville neighborhood in Hartford on Oct. 24, 1997.  They both were walking to the store to purchase diapers. Delgado’s body was found with no head and no hands in a New Jersey lake in Nov. 1998.  Rosita has never been found.  In 2000, Federal prosecutors stated that believed that Julio Camacho decapitated his girlfriend, Rosa Delgado and was involved in the disappearance of his daughter, Rosita reports the Courant news.

Julio Camacho

Camacho who is a former Hartford police officer is currently in a New Jersey jail for failing to pay child support.  He is also a registered sex offender in Connecticut and was sentenced to 10-years in prison after pleading guilty to raping a woman in 1997.  He was incarcerated in February 2014, and is set to be released from jail next month, reports Fox news.

The home that was at the location that the FBI is digging burned down in 2003 and a new home was built.  The FBI are searching the grounds for remains of Delgado and Camacho and had dig a deep whole in the front yard and was processing the scene.

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