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San Diego women goes missing in Fontana FOUND

UPDATE:  1/15/16 – A search warrant served at the home of 40-year-old Cesar Rosales, the boyfriend that Alejandra went to see in Fontanta resulted in the discovery of her body.  Police with the use of a cadaver dog found Alejandra’s body buried in the backyard of the 8200 block of Reseda Avenue, about 8:50 p.m. Thursday evening.  The suspect has admitted to the police he was involved in her murder.  Later, media was announcing that the body had not been confirmed as belonging to Alejandra.  So, until confirmation, she is still missing.

Original story:  Alejandra Carrion Gutierrez, 27, left her apartment in San Ysidro (San Diego County), Calif. on Dec. 30th at 10 p.m.  in her beige mini Copper to meet her boyfriend in Fontana.  She texted her family to tell them she had arrived in Fontana around midnight, but text messages that followed later did not sound like Alejandra had written them, according to the family. The messages talked about getting money and running into someone’s father.  She did not respond when her family asked if everything was alright.   On Jan. 10, her car was found at the intersection of Foothill Blvd. and Laurel Avenue in Fontana.  Alejanra is 4’11” tall and 140 pounds with dark brown hair and eyes and braces on her teeth.  She was wearing jeans a burgundy vest and brown boots. 

“We don’t know where she is at,” said cousin Elvia Toris told NBC News. “She’s never done something like this before. She’s never left her kids & not given a phone call. That’s why we are very, very worried.”

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