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Two-year-old goes missing in Tennessee woods Found

UPDATE: 1/21/16 –
Noah has been found deceased.
“We have found Noah Chamberlin. He was located about 1.5 miles from the home where he went missing from. The family has been notified,” said Sheriff Weaver.

“This is an area we expanded our search into. Every day we expanded our search farther and farther,” Madison County Fire Chief Eric Turner said. “This was an area that was on the outskirts of what we had searched, and we were back searching it for the second time. It was right on the borderline of where we had been searching and we expanded our search farther.”

UPDATE:  1/21/16 – 
 Evidence that Noah is in the woods has been found. 

We have some leads that we have recovered,” Madison County Sheriff Mehr said.  Mehr would not say what leads or evidence has been found.   I would think that the word recovered would mean that some article of clothing was found, as if it was blood they would have to do DNA checking, although they could have found blood several days ago and just now got the results back.

Reporter Nick Beres with NC5 news stated “there are discussions concerning them finding Noah’s shoe, hand and footprints, along with concern for possible relations between the grandmother and sheriff.”

UPDATE:  1/20/16 – Another sun rise and no Noah.  Everyone has given it all they got to find him, too.  No one seems to be slowing down. The authorities are still searching even though they have stopped some of the volunteer searches because of safety reasons.  The social media rumors are all over the place from a recently poured concrete to Noah is in a wolf den.  From grandma was really in the house to grandpa was outside with grandma.  From the possible to the improbable.  I have been trying to gather info and post both sides of things so you can make your own decision.  Continue to read the UPDATEs and look at the screen shots to see what is being talked about.

UPDATE 1/19/16 –
The press conference stated that there are a lot of sink holes in the area and to address the rumor of the concrete poured, that was done two years ago.  The sheriff is adamant that Noah is out there somewhere and has not been abducted and is fed up, my words not his, with social media, because of all the wild stories.  It is apparent that he finds no issues with the parents.  Very interesting story posted by Rachel Laird Baldwyn –

“i know yall are doing everything in your power to find this baby but please please please go back to the area he was last seen. that baby could not have gotten that far, my cousin once lost a 100 lb dog in an a sink hole. it took him 6 days to find him, he went back to the place he last saw him and started going in circles around the area, he finally saw a dog track near the hole , the opening looked like an armadillo hole, it was a hole he never thought his dog could fit into, he had to dig down 6 feet to get to him, he could not even hear the dog when he put his ear to the ground, but the dog was alive when he got him out, there is still hope but there is no way that baby could go so far away. you can use a plumbers pipe scope to look in each hole in the immediate area where he was last seen.”

UPDATE 1/18/16 – After four days there has been nothing found.  No piece of clothing, no shoe, no torn fabric, or blood, or footprints to help the police narrow down where Noah is.  Without anything at all being found and nothing found with night vision and no scent picked up by the dogs, I am beginning to wonder if he is even in the woods.  Sheriff  Weaver said they are going to allow volunteers to search again. Also, the police have talked with many family members including the Noah’s sister. He said the family had no interest in addressing the media at this time, although they have been “very much cooperative” with law enforcement.  Noah’s family has posted: “Update:
I personally have not had any updates today. But that is still good news considering areas that were being searched. They will be using volunteers again, just not sure on what time they will start.

This new message posted on Tuesday and the fact that nothing
has been found by man nor animal of Noah, I wonder if he is
actually in the woods, or he dropped into a sink hole feet from where
he was last seen.  More information came out on Wed. that Destiny
regularly went to the store and left grandma to babysit.  Maybe the
actions of Destiny are more of a woman needing a break than
any wrong doing.

From Noah’s Aunt:   ‪#‎findnoah‬ “We were able to spend some more time looking for Noah today. Still no news.

“My brother and his wife are truly inspiring. They are tireless and just keep moving forward. They are out looking through the woods at all hours of the day and night, working fearlessly and systematically to find their son.

They break only for short rests and to spend time with Noah’s sister, because they know she needs them, too.

I never feel as hopeful and expectant as I do when I am with them. They are truly blessed with strength in the Lord. Please continue your prayers for them.

When you’re praying tonight, also remember Noah’s big sister and cover this scared little four year old girl in your prayers, please. She wants her brother home

And, always, keep praying for Noah.”

And Mariah Robertson, 23, the sister of Destiny Chamberlin, Noah’s mother has been very busy on social medial  She is asking over and over again for no one to talk with the media on a Facebook page and a family friend is running a Facebook page set up for donations to help for the search for Noah, “If you know us in any way, do not, I repeat, do not answer any questions from the media or others!  This is a personal request from all of us! Do not interact with them at all!! They are trying to get to us through any and all of our friends!”  Some are very cooperative and responded that they will not talk to the media and others are wondering why the request and why the request is so adamant.  Usually parents of a missing child are out in front of  media to request help and for people to keep and eye out for their child, but this family is uncharacteristically not.  But, the family seems to be inundated with help, so they don’t need to ask for it, and since it is not believed to be an abduction, they have no need to ask people in other states to keep an eye out for their child.

According to Mariah:

Mariah Robertson

Hey guys!
The only pages that you need to follow for information on Noah are listed below:
Search for Noah:Volunteers and Donations;
Angela Mills (Sister-in-law, support and prayer reasons);
Chester County Sheriff’s Department;
Chester County Emergency Communications District;
Madison-County Sheriff;
Madison County Fire Rescue
Tennessee Bureau of Investigation
Also this is the ONLY donation page:
Anyone else is NOT APPROVED!

UPDATE:  11/17/16 – Noah is still missing.  The volunteer searchers have been pulled and law enforcement personnel will continue the search.

UPDATE 11/16/15 – More than 500 community members of Pinson are searching the 600-acre wooded area for Noah.  The big news right now is that Chester County Sheriff Blair Weaver has opened the floodgates and let everybody in,” said Sheriff Tom Mapes.

UPDATE:  1/15/16 – As of noon Friday, Noah is still missing.  This case reminds me a lot of Deorr Kunz from Idaho, who is still missing. If you live within five miles of the 1800 block of Short Road, the authorities are asking you to please search your house, crawl space, car, shed, outbuildings, and anywhere else a two-year-old could fit. ‪#‎SearchForNoah‬.Anyone with information on his location, please call the Chester County Sheriff’s Department at (731) 989-2787 or the ‪#‎TBI‬ Tennessee Bureau of Investigation at 1-800-TBI-FIND or 911.

Noah’s grandmother, Tanya Robertson

Original story:  Noah Israel Chamberlin, 2, went missing from 1885 Short Road in Pinson, Tenn. on Thursday, Jan. 14, 2016.  Noah was seen around 1:30 p.m. going into the woods behind his home.  According to the Jackson Sun, Noah was walking in the woods with his grandmother and 4-year-old sister, authorities said.  At the time his mother Destiny was at the story and his father, Jacob was in Canton, Mississippi, as he is a trucker.

“They sat down to talk and she was paying attention to the granddaughter, and when she turned around he was gone,” said Tom Mapes, the spokesman for the Madison County Sheriff’s Office. “She immediately went to look for him.”

He was wearing a gray shirt and blue jeans.  Authorities have been searching for him and are using a helicopter to aid in their search for him.  Noah has blond hair and blue eyes and two feet tall and 25 pounds. Groups on horseback are also searching for Noah.

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