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Terri Horman talks to People Magazine about missing Kyron Horman

People Magazine got an interview with Terri Horman, the stepmom of Kyron Horman. The purpose according to the reporter is so that Terri can clear the suspicion around her, because she has been trying to restart her life.

Byron went missing on June 4, 2010 from Skyline School in Oregon.  Early on, Terri Horman was thought to be suspicious by many, although she has never been charged with a crime.

“He had not been at school that day and had been unaccounted for six hours and nobody called me,”  Terri said…You go back again and again, what if.”

The interview begins with Terry talking about how she was waiting for the bus and Kyron not being on the bus.

“I never harmed my son, I never wanted to harm my husband, and there is so much information that is not being told to the public.”

The reporter, Elaine Aradillas who got the exclusive interview spoke with ABC News.

“At the beginning she was cooperating and she took her lie detector test and she told her that she failed it.  She went back again and she felt that it wasn’t being administered properly, she had not slept in days, she wasn’t eating and “she said she was not going to take it,” said Aradillas.

Terri said she did not do the lie detector test right away, “Three days in I had the polygraph done.” She went on to say that she is deaf in her left ear and the test was given with “the man to her back.”

“When that first polygraph was done, the polygrapher tells me that I failed. And my first response was ‘how is that possible? I told the truth.  How is that possible,’ ” Terri said. “He gave some kind of song and dance and I became a little livid at that point. Because I knew I was telling the truth.”

On  June 4, 2014, Desiree Horman says that Terri Horman “failed a lot of questions that they asked her,” and that she failed three polygraph tests, each nearly 10 hours long, not two which is what Terri says she took during the People interview.  I do not know for a fact who is correct, Desiree or Terri.

“She was saying what her response was and trying to justify what her timeline was and trying to justify why she failed that question,” Desiree said.  “That is a glaring example of someone who’s guilty.”

Desiree said that the police might be upset with her after she let this information out.

To learn more about how polygraphs are given and what it means to fail one please click here.

Terri said that the murder for hire plot was false. In late June 2010, in the middle of the search for Kyron, the police told Kaine, Kyron’s dad, that the landscaper, Rodolfo Sanchez told them that Terri had approached him and offered him “A lot of money” to kill Kaine.  Investigators asked Sanchez to wear a wire and talk with Terri, but nothing came of it.  Police stated they were unable to obtain any further info and did not make an arrest.  Kaine Horman visible shaken by what the police told him filed for divorce and obtained a restraining order against his wife.  Terri during the People interview stated that Sanchez had flirted and approached her and she turned him down, and the murder for hire plot was revenge by him because she turned down his advances.

Surprisingly, Terri stated that there was someone else that was the last time to see him, but it was not stated who that was.  I don’t know if that will come out on the Friday interview or not.

The full interview with Terry will be on Friday, Jan. 22.  Tune in to ABC’s GMA and Nightline on Friday for a PEOPLE/ABC News exclusive sit down interview with Terri Horman.

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