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Georgia man walks away with one boot on in 2002 and is still missing

Christopher Thompkins  has been missing since January  25, 2002.  Christopher worked as a surveyor and his co workers stated they saw him working with them near Ga. Highway 85 in Harris County, Ellerslie, GA.

“Christopher left home about 8:10 a.m. He parked his car at work and drove to the job site with the surveyor he worked for. (At the time I was also employed by the surveyor’s family as their baby-sitter.) He worked that morning with three other employees in a lightly wooded area off County Line Road. Warm Springs Road and Georgia 85, adjacent to County Line Road,to be exact.  All the workers were about 50 feet from each other, walking in the same direction. Sometime after lunch, around 1 p.m. the surveyor phoned his wife to inform her that Christopher was missing. One of Christopher’s co-workers stated that ‘Chris was walking in the same direction as the others when he looked away and then looked back, Chris was gone.’ I was not informed of his disappearance until 4:15 p.m,” said Ann McKenzie Christopher’s mother told the Ledger Enquirer.

Christopher’s boot was found hanging on some barbed wire, his work tools, a blue fiber from his pants and 12 cents were found on the ground, according to Egnima Earth.  His other boot was found several months later, about 900 yards away by the owner of the property.  According to Exit 9, Christopher’s missing shoe was found 3,777 ft on the other side of the property he initially was last seen at.

David Paulides, known for investigating strange disappearances told Egnima Earth that during his time working with traffic accidents he has seen shoes left behind by people who were literally “hit so fast that they were knocked right out of them”. He says that logistically it looks like Christopher was reefed out of his boots and dragged through the fence in such a position that all the coins fell out of his pocket.

When I was a child, my father told me that he came across an auto accident when he was a young man of a family who were traveling on the freeway when they were hit by a drunk driver.  He said the one thing he noticed when he helped get the people out of the car is that they had all lost their shoes.  He said the little boy he carried away from the scene was sitting in the backseat of the wrecked car searching and crying for his shoes that came off of him during the impact.  Is it possible that Christopher was hit by a car, got up and wandered off until he collapsed?

Thompkins has a tattoo on his right arm consisting of his name in vertical letters written inside an ice cream cone. The ice cream part is the head of a joker wearing a hat.

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  1. No, there’s no way he could have been hit HARD enough ( by a vehicle )
    to be extracted from a boot, yet, SOFT enough not to kill on impact.

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