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Houston authorities bring up cars from bottom of Brays Bayou

First car being removed as part of Submerged
Vehicle Removal Pilot Project.

Over a year after Tim Miller from Texas Equusearch told the police he found around 125 cars in Sims, Brays and Buffalo Bayous, the authorities will be bringing the cars up from one of those locations.  Over the last couple of years body’s have been found in the waters of Florida, Texas, South Dakota, Oklahoma and other states inside cars that had been sitting at the bottom of a lakes and canals for years and some decades.  Tim Miller was looking for a missing person back in May 2014 when the sonar equipment they were using spotting more and more cars under the water.  Read story here.  Texas Equusearch did not have the means to bring the cars up but Miller reported it to the police immediately.

According to Miller: “I went to the detective and said, we got a problem.  We’ve found all these cars.  He said, ‘You need to shut up, the city doesn’t have the money and the public will go crazy about this,’” said Miller.

Miller kept poking the bear for several months to get someone to retrieve the cars but the police department .  Finally 18 months after the initial information was brought to them the city of Houston, Saltwater Salvage, Harris County Precinct 2 and the Harris County Flood Control District will go after about 100 vehicles that are under the water in Brays Bayou after they received $49,500 from Harris County Precinct 2.  That comes to about $2100 a day and it is estimated three a day will be brought up.  There is speculation that one or more of these cars will have the remains of a missing person.

Last year there were several bodies found in Braes Bayou after a flood in Houston killed several people.

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