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3-year-old missing from Nebraska FOUND

UPDATE 3/28/16 – According to a release by the Azusa (California) Police Department, Lincoln Police detectives received a tip that Monique and Kadaisha might be in Azusa. The Azusa Police Department saw Ramos and Kadaisha Rawls on March 24 and arrested Ramos on several warrants out of Nebraska without incident. Rawls was found to be in good health.

Original Story:  From Kollin Rawls, father of missing Kadaisha Rawls:

“*MISSING CHILD*Kadaisha Rawls, 3yrs. old, last seen on 1/13/16 at 2121 D st. in Lincoln, Ne. where her mother Monique Ramos lived up until that Wednesday before she took off with my child on her 1p.m. to 5p.m. visit. The cops will not help me find my daughter because they do not get involved with custody battles they say, nor does CPS. The judge signed a court order on Friday, January 15 suspending all her visits and states in the order that Monique is supposed to give me back my daughter immediately but my child is nowhere to be found. Her mother and the other 11 people that live at that house say Monique no longer lives there. Also, she currently has an active warrant in Lincoln, NE. I am at a loss right now and need Facebook’s help. My heart and soul is missing and my baby could be in danger. I beg everyone to share this post and inform me if you have any information about where my daughter or Monique could be. Monique actively uses methamphetamine and She doesn’t have a car and is currently not living at her last place of residence. She also does not have a job and therefore probably has no money. Monique has family in Las Vegas and her father in California. Anyone Please help me and share this post! My daughter has lived with me her entire life even after her mother and I broke up shortly after Kadaisha’s first birthday. Monique has a drug problem and has come in and out of her daughter’s life as she pleases since we broke up. Monique has not had a job for 3 years, she has no money, she has no car or license, and she has no clothes or belongings for my daughter. We have been going through a custody battle since August of 2015, after she took Kadaisha from her school/daycare and refused to give her back to me. In August we were awarded joint Custody of Kadaisha even though my daughter has never resided with her mother and even though Monique lives in a house with 11 other people and has no means to support or care for Kadaisha. Monique was arrested in October for possession of Methamphetamine, which she admitted being an active methamphetamine user to the police. In October I was then awarded full custody and she had supervised visits. Monique refused to cooperate then got her own lawyer and was given unsupervised visits every other weekend 10 a.m. to 5p.m. and every other Wednesday 1p.m. to 5p.m. and stating specifically no overnights. On Tuesday, the night before I last seen my daughter she told me that her mom wasn’t going to give her back to me if I took her there and my 3 year old was right. My heart is broken, HELP ME PLEASE!”

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