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Do you know who this woman is found in Fountain, Colorado?

Police in Fountain, Colorado are asking for help to identify a woman that was found near the Tomahawk Truck Stop on I-25 on Tuesday night. Police believe she is mentally ill and they have not been able to get her name other than she said Beverly.  No known last name.  The woman was also suffering from exposure.  She was taken to get medically evaluated  and she still remains unidentified.  Please take a look at her photo and see if you may know her.  If so, please contact the Fountain PD at 719-382-8555.  They describe her as between 50-60 years old, stocky build with sandy blonde hair and brown eyes.  She was wearing a blue sweatshirt with “Colorado” on it.  She also was wearing grey sweatpants, a red hat and a blue fleece jacket. 

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