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Man missing since 2014 may be homeless in Pasadena

Paul Lester Devenport III was last seen on Oct. 17, 2014 in Pasadena, Calif.  He was driving a gold van, possible a Honda Odyssey with Utah plates and the back drivers side window broken.  Paul was living in Utah for about 4 months before returning to the Los Angeles Area for only one week before he disappeared. In Utah, he was employed as the chef of Panguitch Lake Resort. He has family in Utah and California. His family states he may be on the streets and because he suffers from depression, alcoholism, and Hepatitis C, he needs liver medication to be healthy, and he would not have access to those drugs if he’s on the street.

Paul may do work as a chef or cook as he has kitchen skills, and worked as a professional chef for many years; even owning several restaurants. He also was working as a machinist during the last time he was living in Los Angeles, so he may have found work in either of those fields.  He had been in an accident and had been hospitalized for serious burn injuries.  He has mental illness and our family is very worried about him.  Physical description: 5’6 or 5’7, maybe 150 pounds. Facial hair, beginning to grey. Skull tattoos on arms and stomach. “DEVENPORT” tattooed across back shoulder area – jersey style. Needs glasses to see but may not have them anymore. He’s kind and friendly, but forgetful. He also has spent time on the streets, and may have acclimated himself to a local homeless community.

His family is searching for him and want to help him.  You can also live a tip here if you believe you have seen him.  Please consider taking a photo to help with identification.

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