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Woman has not been heard from since two people were arrested driving her car FOUND

UPDATE:  2/12/16 – Eddy County Sheriff Paul Lies tells KQDJ radio that the medical examiner  has identified a woman’s body found in the Sheyenne River Tuesday as Amanda Engst.

Amanda Stach Engst, 36, has been missing from Traill County since the last week of October.  Her last known address was in Warwick, North Dakota.  She had previously lived in Fargo and Breckenridge, Minn., but her family says she was last known to be in Warwick.  Billy Joe Herman, 36, and Crystal Herman, 36, were arrested last year in connection with an robbery at a bar in Buston on Oct. 30, and a string of armed robberies and burglaries in Grandin, North Dakota and Perley, Minn, reports the Informum.  When they were arrested they were driving a car that was registered to Amanda.  Billy was sentenced to one year in jail and Crystal was sentenced to supervised probably, but are still facing charges for a robbery on Oct. 26 at the Perley C-Store.

 “She always told me she would tell me if she’s OK,” Stevenson told the Daily News. “On Oct. 12 she Facebooked me, and said she didn’t have her phone anymore and I never heard from her after that. Her mom got a Facebook message saying, ‘I’m good, hope everything is OK with you, I love you.’ Amanda would never say that.”

Amanda also would call on Christmas but this year her family did not hear from her.  Whether there is a connection between Amanda’s disappearance and the the Herman’s is unknown but the authorities would like the public to come forward if they have any information on Amanda’s disappearance at have seen here since October by calling 701-662-5323.

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