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Torso found in Fremont may belong to missing woman

UPDATE 3/2/16 – Coroner’s investigators used a right thumbprint from the California Department of Motor Vehicles to identify the headless remains found a few weeks back as belonging to Shelly.

The remains of a woman that has been missing since February 13 may have been found in Fremont, reports ABC News.  Shelly Titchener, 57, was reported missing by her husband, Paul Kitchener on Feb. 15.  Titchener told KRON news that he and his wife got into a disagreement on February 13 and she told him she was going to stay with a friend. Later it was found that none of her friends said that she had contacted them.  Paul Titchener and his son, James were seen putting up missing posters in the neighborhood.

On Tuesday the Fremont police stated that the man that had died after he jumped off the Bay Bridge was identified as Paul.  Just two days prior a torso was found about 30 minutes from the couple’s home near Dumbarton Pier. The Brisbane and Fremont Police Depts. have cordoned off the Titchener home and have called it an active crime scene.

James posted on Facebook:  “My mother Shelly Titchener and father Paul Titchener have recently passed. I hope that you will all respect the privacy of my family and I. Thank you to everyone who supported us in the search for my mother. Please do not speak to the media. I will be off of Facebook for sometime, but thank you for your kind thoughts.”

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