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Kentucky sheriff opens up cold case asks for public’s help


Evidence has been found in the Anna Lee Manning case. Boyle County Deputy Phillip Dean began working on the case back in February and on Tuesday the police searched a property on Spring Valley Road that is owned by Anthony Manning’s father reports LEX18 news.

“This morning I saw all the cop cars come in here with guns drawn, and everything. I looked out the window of my house and that’s when it all started,” Tommy Snow a neighbor told LEX18 news.

The authorities brought along cadaver dogs and heavy equipment to search the large property that has eight trailers on it. During their search over a dozen guns and other evidence that the police won’t talk about were found. In the video (below) you can see a whole shed and trailers being moved, and I assume it is so they can dig underneath.

Although we do not know if Anna is actually on that property the dedication and investigative work that Deputy Dean and his associates are doing is exemplary. Just recently we have seen two other major cases where the police are “all in” as they search for two missing woman out of Texas that have been missing for many years.  I hope this is a new standard of police work that will be duplicated in cities all over the US.  Continue reading below for the backstory.

Original story:  The Boyle Couty Sheriff’s Department is asking for the public’s help on a 24-year-old missing cold case. It was on Nov. 19, 1992 that Anna Lee Manning of Junction City, Kentucky was last seen. Her aunt, Elsie Williams she saw Anna standing in front of the Chinn’s Jewelry shop on North Third Street that day when she shouted out to her aunt and said she had something to tell her.  Elsie never found out what it was, because she never saw Anna again.  A 1995 article stated that Elsie did not know where Anna lived after she married her husband, Anthony Manning in 1985.

annamanning2The Advocate-Messenger ran an article that stated a Anthony B. Manning, 25, of 148 Spring Valley Road turned himself into the police after his wife signed a warrant for his arrest for kidnapping.  According to the article he showed up at his estranged wife apartment with their daughter and ended up handcuffing her and led her out the back door but she was able to escape to a neighbor’s house and called the police.  Anthony served 192 days in jail.

The case grew cold and seemingly forgotten until  Sheriff Deputy Phillip Dean found it.  “It fell in my lap, literally,” Dean told the Advocate Messenger. “It just piqued my interest. I started trying to build up a case, to see if I could give the family closure.”

Deputy Dean also stated that Anna had a daughter who was 2-years-old at the time.

Anna had red hair and blue eyes and was 5’10” tall and 108 pounds.

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