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Police search for Jessica Cain’s remains FOUND

William Lewis Reece who is serving 60 years in a Texas prison for kidnapping a woman is told the police where he buried the bodies of two missing young women, Jessica Cain and Kelli Cox, to avoid the death penalty.  Reece is charged in the deaths of 19-year-old Tiffany Johnston, 17-year-old Jessica Cain and 12-year-old Laura Smither.


4/15/16 -The remains of Jessica Cain  were identified through DNA analysis, said Audrey Carter, an investigator with the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences.

3/18/16 – After searching for three weeks, what is believed to be human bones have been found. Search teams have collected the bones and placed them into evidence bags.

The Chron has reported that a recent search on East Orem and Martingale in Houston may be related to the disappearance of Jessica Cain, 17.  Cain went missing on August 17, 1997, after going to a party at Bennigan’s on Bay Area Boulevard in Clear Lake.   Her truck was found parked at the La Marque exit.


William Lewis Reece, 56, who is in prison for a 1998 kidnapping since Feb. 16, was seen at the scene of where the police were digging, reported KTRK.  Reece was sentenced to 60 years and the Daily News reported he is a person of interest in Jessica’s case. Reece is also the primary suspect in the death of 12-year-old Laura Smither, who, in April of 1997, went missing near her Friendswood area home and was discovered weeks later in Pasadena.  Reece, 56, has never been charged in either case. But he was recently charged with murder in a 1997 cold case in Bethany, Oklahoma. DNA evidence linked him to Tiffany Johnson, 19 who was found murdered.  Galveston County Sheriff Dept. were seen digging with a backhoe on privately-owned land on the 6100 block of East Orem, Thursday and returned on Friday to continue. The location is about 4 miles from where Reece used to live. Jessica’s father, C.H. Cain told KHOU that investigators called him to let him know a prisoner named William Reece told them where to find Jessica’s body.

The La Marque Police Dept. would only confirm its involvement in the multiple agency investigation and added that “at this time this is the only information that can be released.”


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