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Honey the bloodhound finds missing toddler

elialcockAlthough not trained in search and rescue, Honey, a bloodhound that was trained for hunting found a missing toddler on Tuesday.

3-year-old Eli Alcock went missing from his Florien home in Louisiana and his mom, Lindsy asked for the publics help.

“That’s when we kind of started freaking out and called the sheriff’s department and got on Facebook and asked people to come and help and look,” she told KPICTV news.

Doug Downs, a local pastor was called by a friend who knew about Honey’s ability to track deer and asked if he could help. Doug wasn’t even sure that Honey would be able to help, but he was willing to at least try.

Doug and Honey searched the woods for several hours never taking a rest and then seemingly all of the sudden there was Eli.  Honey had led Doug right to him.

Good girl, Honey.

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