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Washington woman goes missing; police find car crashed into garage

amykennellyUPDATE 3/4/16 – The body of Amy Kennelly is believed to have been found in a wooded area about 100 yards from where her car crashed, police said. The Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s Office will confirm the identity of the body, as well as cause and manner of death.

Original Story:  Amy Kennelly, 48, is missing after her car was found crashed into a garage around 11 p.m. on Monday on the 11000 block of Algonquin Road in Woodway, which happen to be a house where her son used to live. Just an hour earlier Amy was at her home with her son eating pizza, reports KOMO news.

KOMO reports the police searched the nearby woods for her but didn’t find her.

On Wednesday the family called police to report her missing.  Evidently not knowing anything about the impounded car, which makes you wonder why the police did not follow up and tell the family about the car when they found it.  At that point no one knew if Amy crashed into the garage or if someone took her car and did that. The police are stating no foul play, which would mean to me they are assuming she was the one that crashed into the garage, then ran off.

There have been many incidents in the past where a person was involved in a car accident and the person was gone when the police got there. Some have never been found and others , their remains were found months later not far from the crash sight.

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But, in this case the car did not have too much damage so police don’t believe Kennelly was injured. Regardless, more concern should be put into this case to establish she was the one driving. But, because Kennelly has been known to take off before, it may be exactly what she did this time.  Matt Kennelly, her son, said he knew Monday night she wasn’t feeling very well.

“She’s had a history of drug abuse and that was pretty clear. I’m used to the effects, kinda just like what to look for, and I noticed that coming to it,” Matt told KIRO news.

Some clothing was found in a nearby backyard, but no confirmation whether they belong to Kennelly or not.

Meanwhile, the search continues for her and will resume on Thursday. Anyone with information is asked to contact Edmonds Police Department.

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