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Couple travel to Austin and go missing

UPDATE 3/29/19 – Cyphers has been charged with tampering with evidence with intent to impair a human corpse, although no bodies have ever been found. His bond has been set at $100,000.

UPDATE 12/28/16 – Cyphers pleaded guilty to a weapons charge in July. He’s in federal prison while investigators wait for results from the blood found at his home and in the car.  The family is still waiting for new information from the police regarding the case.

UPDATE 6/3/16 – The police have arrested Harvey “Hootie” Cyphers, 50, after detectives have determined that Cypers was not telling the truth reports KXAN. Cyphers, who has been convicted of a felon told police he had guns and was arrested and may be charged.  The police then went to Cypers home at 6808 Montana Street and found evidence that “an act of violence had occurred…and that the crime scene had been cleaned up.”


During their investigation they found that Cyphers, Gibson and Taylor were all at Cypher’s home in the early morning hours of April 2. They also have found out that Cypers, Taylor and Gibson’s phones traveled together to Houston.  Then Cypers’ phone traveled from Houston to Austin following a Megabus route.

Detectives are asking anyone who may have seen Harvey “Hootie” Cyphers or Taylor’s Dodge Charger in Houston on April 2, or may have ridden Megabus from Houston to Austin with Cyphers or seen him at that time to call the APD Homicide Cold Case/Missing Persons Unit

UPDATE 4/24/16 – In an April 23 article by the Houston Chronicle they report, “Traces of blood were also found inside the vehicle, according to sources familiar with the investigation.”  We have also learned that a friend has come forward and talked with the Chronicle to say that Sidney and Krislyn were going to the Landing Strip, an Austin gentlemen’s club.  The friend called to check on them at 3:08 a.m. and Sidney said, “Let me call y’all back, man. Let me show these people how to start this fire.”  Sidney never called back nor  did he answer his phone when he was called back.

Sidney Taylor’s car

The Chronicle also spoke with the manager of the Landing Strip.  He stated  he personally didn’t know if Sidney or Krislyn were there but they did have a security camera footage  on.   According to the manager no law enforcement has come by to pick up the footage, and it will begin to record over the old footage starting Monday.  This is important information and could show if Krislyn or Sidney had met up with anyone or were with anyone that night.   If this is the case and the video has not been picked up, what is law enforcement waiting for?  This footage could crack the case wide open.

UPDATE 4/9/16 – Family members are offering a $5,000 reward. Gibson’s family is holding a vigil Saturday, where they plan to announce a reward for any information about the missing couple’s whereabouts.

UPDATE  4/8/16 = Texas Equusearch stated they have called off the search as of late Thursday.

UPDATE:  4/7/16 – Tim Miller for Equusearch stated that Krislyn and Sidney went to a club and never made it back to the friend’s house where they were going to stay the night.  Their clothes and belongings are still at their friends.

It is possible that Krislyn and Sidney met up with someone else while they were at the club, something occurred and that person drove their car back to Houston and abandoned it?  Our hopes is that they are found safe.

UPDATE: 4/6/16 -Texas Equusearch will be staging at Bear Creek Park in Pavillion #5. It is located one mile east of Hwy 6 on Clay Rd. at Bear Creek Drive. They are in need of people to help search. Call Frank Black at 713-301-6813.

Krislyn (Facebook)

Original story:   Krislyn Gibson and Sidney Taylor have been missing since Friday, April 2, 2016.  Their family & friends have not seen/heard from them since April 1.  Krislyn Gibson is a single mother of an 8 year-old boy. She lives in Houston but went to Austin to the Urban Music Festival. One report stated Sidney is from Houston but living in Atx with a roommate and another says he is married and lives with his wife Joi in Pearland and have a son and two daughters.  Kristen and Sidney traveled as friends to Austin Friday night & never returned to where they were staying.  They traveled as a couple and not to mean they were a couple.

Sidney Taylor is a father of 2 daughters & a son (Rico) with wife Joi & they are happy living in Pearland.  His other daughter lives with her mom in Michigan,and she visit during the summers with her dad.

According to a friend of Sidney’s, “His wife Joi knows Krislyn,Krislyn brings her guy friends over, just a long friendship dating back to high school they have. Sidney was always the protector, scared of nothing, huge heart & Krislyn only like 5″0 90 lbs,lil thing, lil bit, they were friends. Sidney is my friend,just texted each other on 31st, he trying to help me get back on my feet honestly. I texted him again on 2nd around 6 pm & no reply back, ever…Sid just had a birthday on 29th of March,just turned 35 & quarterback on High School football team at Aldine c/o 99,also played & graduated from Praire View A&M.”

Because of no media stories last night,  MPofA has contacted the Chron and KHOU to let them know, so they can help spread the word.

Sidney’s brown 2010 Dodge Charger was found abandoned in Houston’s Mid-Town area. The last ping on Taylor’s phone leads back to somewhere around Bear Creek Park in west Houston in Harris County.

Sidney’s car was found abandoned in Houston (not actual car in photo)

Sidney has a thin mustache and several tattoos. It is not known what type of clothing he was wearing.  Krislyn has a Betty Boop tattoo on the outside calf of her leg.

If you have any information on his whereabouts, please call the Austin Police Dept. at 512-974-5250.

A missing persons report has been filed.

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  1. I just read about this case. Do you know if searches have been done in Austin, particularly behind the Landing Strip, where the two last were heard from. The area behind the Landing strip comprises a huge expanse of unoccupied land.

    1. I have not heard. I know there was a voluntary search done at Bear Creek Park. I would have hoped they searched there though. You might want to contact Frank Black from Texas Equusearch at (713) 301-6813 with your thought.

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