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Police make an arrest in a 2006 case of a missing 9-year-old from Oklahoma

A jury in Pontotoc County on Monday James Rex Clark, 67,  and Rebecca Clark, 61, of Seminole guilty of first-degree murder in the killing of Colton Clark. They were also convicted of child abuse of Colton and his brother.  Colt remains missing.coltclark.jpg
A search warrant has been issued in Seminole County at the home of the Aunt and Uncle of missing 9-year-old Levi “Colton” Clark who has been missing since April 20, 2006, reports KOCO news.

Authorities were seen digging at the property. The Sheriff’s Office, the OSBI, and the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner are at the property gathered evidence about the investigation that was reopened in late 2015.

Rebecca and Rex Clark were arrested according to Red Dirt Report. Colton was reported as a runaway on April 20, 2006, when his Aunt and Uncle who were also his adopted parents told police he “jumped out the window and took off running.”

In 2006, investigators used dogs to search for Colton, but nothing was detected. The search continued around the property and nothing was found. At the time Colt’s brother told the police that he would not have left his shoes behind. Before his disappearance DHS kept making appointments to talk to the Clark’s but they cancelled every one. When they were given an ultimate, the Clarks called the police to report that Colton ran away.

The investigation in 2006, also listed a receipt found listing items that would be “consistent with disposing of a body,” reports Red Dirt Report.

Colt’s brother Austin was removed from the home, but because of his name change they do not know where he resides now. Colton will be 20-years-old in May.

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