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Arlington couple go missing; brother fears foul play


UPDATE 5/27/16 – The Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s office said Thursday that Monique died of multiple gunshot wounds and Patrick died of a gunshot wound to the head, reports Fox News.

UPDATE 5/24/16 – The police have stated that a man provided information that led detectives to a  remote location near the couple’s home where bodies were located,   Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Shari Ireton said at a news conference. Although searchers have been in that area before, the specific information led them to the bodies. Tony Clyde Reed turned himself in last week, but his brother, John Blaine Reed is still missing. Reed was charged with two counts of first-degree murder and unlawful firearm possession in connection with the missing couple.  A positive identification of the bodies will be made by the Medical Examiner.

UPDATE 4/19/16 – The couple’s former attorney stated today that Patrick and Monique were afraid of the man that is now being sought in their disappearance.  Two years ago, when they sued other neighbors over a property dispute they avoided naming him as a defendant “because they didn’t want to irk him.” The Seattle Times reported that court documents stated John Blaine Reed had previously threatened to shoot them because they were cutting brush between their properties.  The couple shared a common driveway with Reed.   Investigators stated in their affidavit for a search warrant that Reed “reportedly stated he would shoot or assault them if they didn’t leave him alone.”  What is interesting is it looks as though Reed didn’t even own the land, anymore.  In March 2014, he barely survived a landslide, which has been called the worst in history and named the Oso Landslide, that shot right past him and his house.  It ended up killing 34 people.  The county bought out Reed’s house in March, but now investigators believe he never left.  The authorities are still searching for his whereabouts.

UPDATE 4/17/16 -Snohomish County Sheriff Ty Ternary is asking the public to help the police locate two persons of interest in the disappearance of Patrick and Monique; John Blaine Reed, 53 and his brother, Tony Clyde Reed, 49.  Surveillance footage showed the Reed brothers tied to the disposal of Patrick and Monique’s  vehicles. Blaine and Tony are believed to be driving their parent’s car a red 2007 Volkswagen EOS Coupes with Washington plates AXH5106.  Investigators found John Reed’s car in Ellensburg yesterday, reports KING5 news. John Reed is 5’08”, 190 lbs. with hazel eyes and gray hair. Tony Reed is 5’11”, 150 lbs. with green eyes and gray hair.


UPDATE 4/15/16 -. The couple’s two vehicles were found in the woods near Oso late Thursday. The cars seemed to have gone over an embankment, deputies said. Authorities are still searching for a missing Washington couple after their two vehicles were found. What is so perplexing about this story is the Jeep Wrangler was found a few miles from their home upside down on its side after it had rolled down an embankment. No one was found inside, nor near the vehicle. The other vehicle, a white Range Rover was found resting on a tree that was stopping it from going down the embankment. Another tree was against the right back bumper of the van. It is hard to discern how that could have happened, other than possibly the car hit the first tree head on with such speed that the back end slid behind the other tree. Both cars were located about 200 feet from each other. Both Patrick and Monique are no where to be found.

There is nothing but questions and little answers to this puzzle. Although it is not uncommon for people to injure themselves in a solo crash and walk away from the scene and then drop dead from the injuries they sustained a half a mile away, the odds that it happened to both Patrick and Monique seems very unlikely.Plus, it is unlikely that anyone walked away from the Jeep accident. But, how did the vehicles end up where they are. Did the couple get in an argument and Monique stormed out and jumped into her car and Patrick raced after her only to make a bad miscalculation that sent one over an embankment and the other into a tree? Or were they both being threatened and chased by someone and in their haste to get away ended up in twin solo car accidents.

Although both stories sound preposterous and unlikely especially since Patrick and Monique have not been located, the later could have some truth to it as Patrick and Monique were fighting with their neighbors. Evidently, according to court documents their neighbors have trespassed on their property and harassed them. Primarily, they had issues with the neighbors dogs that would have been a concern with the domestic animals they were taking care of. But, that does not explain how one could go over an embankment and walk away.

Is it possible someone pushed the cars down an embankment and one ended stuck on a tree? Could the couple have met foul play and someone pushed both vehicles toward an embankment to make it look as though they drove off somewhere and never returned? But, if they did, how did they do it? Did they gun the accelerator of the vehicle towards the cliff and then jump out in the nick of time? Did they put a rock on the gas pedal and watch it hurls itself over the cliff?

patrick-and-monique.jpg.size.xxlarge.promoRumor has it that the individual who was harassing them cannot be located at this time. So, whether he saw something or heard something can not be determined because the police have not been able to talk with him.  But, unless there is some information we do not know, it would be hard to understand how being taken to court over unleashed dogs and driving on someones property would cause someone to be angry they would want their neighbors gone.  But, then if you have ever watched “Fear Thy Neighbor” you can certainly see how something small can escalate.

Next Door to Crazy

Where are Monique and Patrick and what has happened to them?  The police continue to investigate and I am sure are determine to find out what happened.

UPDATE 4/14/16 – According to Eric’s Facebook page, authorities are currently searching for Patrick and Monique: “Sometimes social media can be used in horrible ways, such as bullying. But in this case, it’s joining people, agencies, media, and actually the world. This story has reached several countries due to the friends I have in those countries and their genuine concern for us. We are so grateful for you all. The media has really stepped up, all reporters and news agencies have shown genuine compassion, concern, and respect. Patrick Shunn and his wife Monique Patenaude disappeared from their Arlington, Wash. home and have not seen since Monday, April 11, 2016.  Their livestock have not been taken care of and their cell phones have gone unanswered.  Patrick’s brother stated that his brother and his sister-in-law have had ongoing disputes with their neighbor and he is missing, too.” Eric Shunn.

Court records show the couple are now embroiled in a legal dispute with neighbors, some of whom Shunn and Patenaude claim have repeatedly trespassed on their property near the Stillaguamish River with recreational vehicles and unleashed dogs. A trial on the civil case has been set for later this year, reports the Seattle Times.

Both Patrick Shunn’s 2000 champagne Land Rover Discovery, with Washington Veteran Armed Services plate # AR 02639, and Patenaude’s 1995 black Jeep Wrangler, with Washington plate # WB 02789, are missing, reports KIRO news.

If you have any information about them please call the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office at (425) 388-7939

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