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Senior survives in desert for 9 days; spells out "help" with sticks and stones

annrodgersA 72-year-old Tucson woman who had been missing for over a week, managed to survive in an Arizona desert until she was found on Saturday, stated Tucson News.  Ann Charon Rodgers and her dog were on their way to visit her grandchildren who live in Phoenix when she got lost near the White River Indian Reservation on March 31.  She ran out of gas and left her car to try and climb a ridge to get a cell phone connection, but it didn’t work.

Ann did her best to keep herself and her dog alive. She found small ponds of water to drink from and plants to eat. She spelled out a large “help” sign  with an explanation point with rocks and sticks on the ground, just in case an aircraft went by.

Arizona Dept. of Public Safety

Her family reported her missing and the Gila County Sheriff’s Office and White Mountain officials began their search for her on April 3, stated the Gila County Sheriff’s Facebook page.  Although they tried their best to find her, they were unsuccessful.  Finally, on April 9, her dog was seen on the ground by a helicopter and then the “Help” sign was spotted.  Further down the canyon Ann was spotted standing next to a fire close to a shelter she had built. She was waving to the helicopter.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety Helicopter was able to get assistance to her and transport her to a local Hospital to be evaluated.

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