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Skeletal remains found in winter coat in Ohio

skeletonlot24/18/16 – A skull and bones have been found in Youngstown, Ohio on April 9th.  The remains were found near a vacant lot on the corner of Wydesteel and Trust Avenue, reports WKBN news. The upper torso was found in an old coat. The bones were transported to the Coroner’s officer and under closer examination a bullet was found inside the coat as well. The bullet did not penetrate the lining said Dr. Joseph Ohr the Mahoning County coroner. It was not said whether the bullet was spent or not.

The partial skeleton is believed to belong to a black male in his late teens up to age 40. They believe the person has been dead from six months to a year. Also found was a letterman’s jacket, red with black sleeves with no lettering. The skull had a pair of headphones on it.

So far, the remains do not match any missing person in the Ohio database. The next step is to do dental records.

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