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Shawne Mellios goes missing in Michigan while traveling FOUND

shawnemellios4/21/16 –Shawne was located by Bay County authorities at an unspecified residence. Mellios has now been in contact with family members, Leelanau County sheriff’s deputies said.

4/20/16 – Shawne Louise Mellios, 49,  has gone missing from Michigan.  Shawne left her home on Schomberg Road in Centerville Township on Saturday and her family believes she may have been going to Brownstown in southeast Michigan to visit her sister before going to a schedule event.  She was driving a 2015 baby blue colored Chevrolet Equinox with a license plate number of ABY988.  Shawne never made it to the function on Monday and she cannot be reached by her cell phone.

“So were not sure if she turned it off or if she lost her phone or if it was taken from her so were not sure of the situation,” Leelanau Co. Sheriff, Mike Borkovich told UpNorthLive. “So we are concerned that shes not calling anyone especially family to let them know that she’s okay.”


Anyone with information about Shawne’s whereabouts or that have seen her vehicle is asked to call the Leelanau County Sheriff’s Office at 256-8800.

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  1. Is she a transvestite or on gender reassignment? Any personal problems? She is not at her sister’s or at the planned event. Where does she go? Who does she trust? Showing a picture of a male dressed as a female and saying she is missing, is not going to find her. Cut to the chase and tell sharers and people that could help what the story is. I have nothing against anybody, but you cannot help when you get the same half stories people always use.

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