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David Riemens missing from Watertown since 2012 FOUND

David Siemens

Missing Person Tennessee David Riemens

March 25, 2018 – Remains found close to where David parked his car were found in January 2018, and were identified as belonging to David Riemens.

Original Story:


David was on the Investigation Discovery show, Disappeared and aired May 22, 2016.  The title of the episode is “No Stone Unturned.”

David Riemens, 60, has been missing from Watertown, Tenn. since August 8, 2012. He was reported missing by his close friends, Donny and Laura Nuessle. He lived on the property of Donny and Laura Nuessle for 12 years.  Donny and Laura told MpofA that:

“In the weeks before David disappeared he had been very busy. He was ALWAYS working on several projects but he seemed even more driven. He was working on finishing an arbor on the Hobbit house, painting, focusing on hobo/train pictures and the Coyote Dream themes. He was also writing. This was left on the table in the Hobbit house. He wrote:

“A dawn will approach when you must begin bartering each treasure for another moment of freedom. You will probably begin with your best horses, then your home departs, and next the coat sheltering you leaves, because you can’t break it loose from the past.
These things so far will be easy…. Then you will give in all your attitudes because they too, can’t be torn into eternity. The dust from your bones, next . You will watch it decompose into the common ground and it will shake you…. won’t trouble you.
When that happens you will be free to gaze into the fountains where rainbows borrow wealth.
You can journey to the sun… through pulsating waves to the center where there is a molecular point opening into the wilderness of God.
And from that point flows everything that had ever given light to your world and all the worlds beyond.” – posted on David Riemens Missing Facebook page.”


David didn’t have an email address and he was never on social media. He had no credit car or cell phone. The Nuessle’s stated he was happy and laughing the last time they saw him.

David who was an artist and stonemason was to meet up with someone on the day he went missing, but it is not known who that was.

They knew that David “met the “old man” @ LuLu’s in Watertown on either, Sunday 7/29 or Saturday night 8/4. And that, “he went to the mans property twice, to pick up old brick with the old man, he was on his way to bid the job of later (stone) facing the existing block foundation, there were 2 older men laying block while David was there.” Most importantly, “These 2 men are VERY important to find also. They would know the property owner and the contractor.”

The Nuessle’s hope that someone might know the building site that David went to.

David’s truck was found parked at the Dollar General in Watertown on Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2012. It was left there sometime after 10 a.m. parked facing the road at the edge of the lot out of view of any cameras.

The Wilson County Sheriff’s Department thinks that whoever he was meeting up with may have an answer to what happened to David.

Donny and Laura continue to advocate for David in hopes to find him. You can read more on the David Riemens is Missing Facebook page.

The sheriff’s department is offering a $1,000 reward and the Nuessle family is also offering a reward. If you have any information, please contact the Wilson County Sheriff’s Dept. at 615-444-1412.David

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