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Car found submerged in South Carolina with remains inside

johnduboseA man that has been missing for twenty years was found in a submerged car in South Carolina.

A car was found in Lake Russell in Abbeville on Saturday by a fisherman near a boat ramp, south of Calhoun Falls.  Authorities were nearby as they were searching for a missing boater. A tow truck was called and the car was pulled out of the water and skeletal remains were found inside.  The car was a 1995 Chevrolet Corsica.

Dental records identified the man as  John Dubose, Deputy Coroner Ronda Nance said.  The Index Journal reported that “Dubose, then 31, was reported missing Sept. 25, 2000 after his family had not seen him in days. The 5-foot-9 man, who also went by Zookeeper, hadn’t been to Mohawk Industries Rocky River Plant, where he worked, either.”
Click on link to see video FOX Carolina 21

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