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GSU student, Monique Priester is missing FOUND

Monique has been found safe. The authorities stated they confirmed she was okay but did not disclose her location.

The Georgia State University student is missing after taking Uber to go to the Georgia State Campus on Friday.

Monique Vanloo-Alkush told 11Alive News they have not heard from her since Friday, when she called to tell her mom, “We’re picking up the last person now and I’m heading back to Gwinnett,” as she was taking a Uber group ride. She never made it home that night. Before that she had left her stepfather’s home in Dacula around 1:30 p.m. and going downtown for a study group.

Monique’s phone is turned off and they are not able to determine where she is. Authorities do know that Monique used her debit card in Nashville on Tuesday morning. No information if Monique did the transaction or if it was someone else.

If you have any information about Monique’s whereabouts, please call the police.

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