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Teen missing after boyfriend threatened to set her on fire FOUND

5/20/16 –  The body found was positively identified as Leanna’s.

5/16/16 –, reports that remains were found about 12:20 p.m. Sunday by the Northeast Search and Rescue team on the property known as the llama farm in Milford Township.  The identification of the remains will be made by the medical examiner.  The remains may possibly belong to Leanna Walker.

Original story:  4/28/16 – Leanna Walker, 17, of Harrison Court  in Dingman Twp., Penn. has been missing for over a week.  She was last seen around 2 p.m. on April 18.

The Pennsylvania police have called her a runaway, but her mother, Dianna Walker believes that her boyfriend, Sky Michael McDonough, 24, may have something to do with her disappearance.  Mcdonough was arrested by Milford Borough police from arrest warrants out of Sussex, New Jersey for burglary. He spent much of March as a patient at Bon Secours Community Hospital in Port Jervis, said Walker, and she refused to let Leanna visit him. But he later went to Boston, where Leanna wired him money to take a bus back to Milford on April 15, Walker told the Record Online.

When McDonough was arrested he was cooperative and took the police to where Leanna and he were staying in the woods in the Milford area, but after circling around the area for awhile he made a run for it and managed to get away, reports the Popconorecord News.  The authorities searched for him and found a makeshift campsite inside a barn on Llama Road with items identified as belonging to McDough and Leanna.  The following day, police found McDonough in that same area and took him into custody.

McDonough told police that Leanna and he had made plans to go to Jamaica.

Walker believes McDonough is dangerous and had threatened to burn her family if they kept him from Leanna, and also threatened to burn Leanna if she left him.

He told her, ‘If I kill you, I’ll set you on fire,’” Walker recalled. “He told someone else that if she left him, he wouldn’t bury her body. He’d burn it.”

Police searched the area for Leanna, after McDonough was arrested, but could not locate her.

Leanna is 5 feet 2 inches tall, weighs about 150 pounds and has blonde hair and blue eyes. If you have any information on this case, please call the Blooming Grove State Police at 570-226-5718.

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