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Do you know who Buckskin Girl is? IDENTIFIED

Buckskin Girl

Buckskin Girl has been identified as Marcia King 21, of Arkansas. Chief Deputy Steve Lord told the Dayton Daily news that the “probe is focusing on the last month of King’s life when she was known to be in the Pittsburgh and Louisville, Ky., areas.”  Anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff’s tip line at 937-440-3990.

buckskin girl
buckskin girl
Rendering of what Buckskin looked like per her identification.

April 10, 2018 – After all these years, it looks like Buckskin Girl’s identity has been found.  There will be a news conference tomorrow.  I do not know if they will be releasing her name or not at that time.  The family did come forward but after being harassed online they have deleted their posts.

7/16/16 – “A new analysis of pollen found on Buckskin girls clothing indicates she spent some time in Texas or southern Oklahoma in the year before she died,” investigators said in a press release Thursday, reports KWTX news.  She could have been in an area from south of Lawton, OK to Waco and Austin to as far as Midland.

On April 24, 1981, a young woman, was found in a ditch along a highway in near Greenlee Road in Newton Township, Troy, Ohio. She had been strangled to death and she had no shoes on and none were found at the scene. A coroner’s report revealed that she died of strangulation. She also had suffered blows to the head and neck. Evidence indicates that the body was transported to the scene from another location. Authorities are hoping that someone may know who she is by the information they are releasing.

This is what is known:

She was about 5’6” tall, 125 pounds. Ruddy complexion with freckles on her face. Her hair was a natural reddish brown and worn in two braided pigtails tied with blue rubber bands. Her nose was described as pointed. She had a scar under her child, her left arm, two on her left wrist and one on her right hand, right ankle and right foot. She had a porcelain-metal crown on her top right central incisor, still had her wisdom teeth and no fillings or other dental work.

She was wearing bell bottom blue jeans, brown turtleneck sweater with an orange crisscross design on the front. The jacket is what gave her, her name. It was handmade from tanned buckskin and was a pullover with a hoodless ponchos. It had leather fringe around the seams and a deep purple lining. The jacket could have been homemade but it is also a possibility it was purchased at a souvenir shop as during this time period this type of jacket with fringe and made of buckskin was very popular.

Through recent palynology testing, authorities were able to determine that she came for the northeastern dry-oak forest region. This would mean Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The clothing, including her undergarments also had high levels of soot from vehicle traffic, which suggests she was in the Northeastern urban area or hitchhiked frequently.

Her jeans and leather jacket comes from a more arid region in the Western U.S. Leading to the question of the possibility she was hitching in the west and was on her way back home when she was killed.

So far 165 missing women have been ruled out as a match for Buckskin girl, including Tina Kemp, Pamela Harvey Rousseau and Karen Zendrosky, states Wikipedia.

Investigators know there was a serial killer that has never been identified in the area from the 1980s – 1990s. There has also have been evidence of one in 2004, but it is not known if it is connected to the earlier cases. The serial killer preyed on exotic dancers and assumed prostitutes in the Ohio area. The difference between the other victims and Buckskin girl was that she was well-groomed and no sexual activity prior to death, and she was not missing clothing or jewelry, other than her shoes. The serial killer was known to take clothing or jewelry.

If you have any suggestions on who this may be, or thoughts on helping to solve this mystery, please leave your thoughts in the comment section.

Laid to rest in Riverside Cemetery in Troy (Photo by Find a Grave)
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