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Police looking for parents of smuggled 4-year-old


5/3/16 – Later this afternoon we have heard that a man has contacted CPS and said he is Adriana’s father.  Authorities are checking his story, but so far everything checks out.

5/3/16 – Original story.   A 4-year-old girl is in the hospital after she was involved in a car accident while she was being smuggled in Texas. The name of the little girl is unknown, but it is thought to be Adrianna.  The only information the authorities have comes from the man who was smuggling her.

A group of woman that arrived at the scene and helped the little girl told authorities that when a man, later identified as Tiburcio Martin Rivera, 30, was holding the little girl when they arrived.  He said he got into an car accident.  Rivera rear-ended another car on I-10 while driving his white Chevy Impala, Saturday morning, reports ABC 13.  Rivera was taken to the hospital as well as the little girl.

Authorities arrested Rivera after he was released from the hospital.  He told the police that the little girl was his wife’s daughter.  Later he changed his story and said that he was taking the little girl from San Antonio to Spring for $200 so she could meet with her family at a grocery store. He did not know who her parent’s were, only that he was to take her to the Fiesta store off I-45 near Spring. Rivera faces charges of smuggling and reckless driving.

The little girl who is believed to be named Adrianna was too young to be able to tell the police who her parents are and the police are now looking for her family. Fernanda De Lara took a photo of the little girl and she and her friends helped her.  Adriana was taken to Memorial Hermann hospital with a skull fracture and cuts on her arm. One report stated her arm had been broken.

Police have a lot of unanswered questions and are trying to determine if Rivera’s story is true.

“If her parents were in Mexico, we’re not sure where the child was going. Even if he took her to the Fiesta, who was he dropping the child off with?  We just don’t know,” Detective Jason Manies told Click 2 Houston.

Right now authorities do not know the identity of the little girl or her family.

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  1. I think I don’t want to know what kind of evil plan that guy had…maybe he was selling her to satanists for ritual killing?

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