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Missing in the United States Map

Blue are missing males and red is missing females.  Orange and green are missing Jane and John Does

Please note the map has been embedded on this page, just scroll down towards the bottom to see it.

UPDATE 7/23/16 – MPofA received a message from the creator of the above map.  He told me:

“I’ve always been fascinated by missing persons and unidentified decedents. One day I was looking at possibilities for a John Doe in my home state and thought it would be a lot easier if there was a map to view them geographically. So I started making the map starting with Oklahoma. I posted it in the /r/UnresolvedMysteries subreddit on <>  and it was a hit. Other Redditors started volunteering to complete other states and it grew from there. It is not “complete” and will always need to be updated once it is. Florida, Texas, and New York are the largest incomplete states.  Anyone is welcome to contribute. I’ve attached visual instructions courtesy of Microsoft Paint. <>  appears to be the most comprehensive resource out there, but any resource is acceptable. “

The map takes a little getting used to and how to move around on it and make it work so, You can use these photos below or contact “Boots” and he can help you with that.




So, all those that have been wondering why the map was incomplete now you know why and also I am sure you will understand that it will never be complete.  But, there are some of you out there that have missing loved ones for several years and you are not finding them on the map.  That may be because you are NOT listed on  Please check to see if your missing person is and if not put them on immediately.  There are so many John and Jane Does that with the help of you submitted your DNA (it is free to do) into the NamUs system there might be a match.  If not at least you can eliminate that possibility.   It would be great for everyone who has a MP to please look at the map and if they are not on it, to add them on.   If you need any help with this you can contact “Boots” at at /u/bootscallahan or Twitter at @bootscallahan  also note that Poul who is working on a the Missing Texas Forty map is also working on a Michigan map and will be working with Boots on his US Map.  Missing Michigan Interactive Map by Poul 

Also, Boots wants everyone to know that he is looking for volunteers that would like to work on the map with him:  

UPDATE 5/25/16- First I am not the originator of this map.  Although Poul and I have both tried to contact the maker of this map, they have not responded back to us.  We do know that this map is still in process, so if a name is missing, it may NOT have been put on yet.  You can find the maker of this map at this link. Poul suggests if you don’t see a name, to make a new kml with it included and share the map link then check back periodically to see if it has been added.  Also, please go to the blue link below this paragraph to access it and locate the maker of the map to contact them about any inclusions.  You are more than welcome to go to this link to talk with Poul as he is very knowledgeable on google maps.  Go to the Missing Texas Forty page Missing Texas Forty page and scroll up to find the conversation about the map, and you will see Poul posting there.

UPDATE 5/15/16 –  This map is being shared all over since I posted it and many people have been asking me questions about missing people. I have found out that this map is still being worked on, which explains why there is missing people not on the map and that is probably why calif and florida doesn’t have a lot listed. 

Original story:  So, if I told you this was a map of all the McDonald’s in the US, or gas stations in the US you probably be saying okay.  But, what if I told you this is a map of all the missing and unidentified in the US?   The blue is the females, red is the males.  The orange is the John Does and the greens are the Jane Does.

I am thinking that there is probably a lot of matches, but they have not been made because not everyone knows that you have organizations like or the Doe Network or even IdentifyUs that can help you by collecting your family DNA and matching it with a possible Jane or John Doe.

If you have not given your DNA to, and you have a missing loved one no matter how long they have been gone, I would recommend that you do that.  They may have DNA from a John or Jane Doe that could match.

Please click here so you can go to the map and magnify it and see all the names of the missing.   If you have a missing loved one and they are not on this map, please stay tuned as I am finding out the guidelines to how to submit.

The map states: Using;;;

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    1. actually. But I have gotten in contact with the map maker and as soon as I hear back I will post a way to contact him for additions.

  1. I am from long island new york. Why isnt anyone on there for long island. I know for a fact there should be people who are missing.

    1. The map is not completely done. I am working on getting a hold of the map maker to find out how to add people on to the map.

  2. I am the creator of this map. I did not know you were trying to get in touch with me. I’d love to do a quick interview to get the word out and hopefully get more volunteers to work on the map. Contact me via Reddit at /u/bootscallahan or Twitter at @bootscallahan. My email address is Justin[dot]Cliburn

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