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San Antonio woman blogs about attempted child abduction, then recants story

hebA Texas woman told the police and media that a stranger tried to lure her child away from her at a San Antonio HEB on Wednesday.

“These people were on me before I could even blink an eye. They were just right there,” Katy Corrigan told KSAT 12 news.

After the incident, Corrigan followed up with a post on the Alamo City Mom’s Blog, “When a Stranger Tried to Take my Child,” to tell other mom’s about the incident and to alert them of two predators:

“I looked up, and from out of nowhere, a young, dirty couple was upon my daughter, touching her head and separating her from me and my other two kids. They were ushering her into the parking lot. As soon as they touched her, she started to SHRIEK. All of a sudden, she was yelling and I was yelling for her to get back to me, and the couple broke apart and walked off like nothing happened—without saying a word. This would have been weird enough on its own, but I rushed my three into the store and toward the baskets, and I noticed the couple had followed me. By the grace of God, the kids were essentially pinned in between two rows of baskets because there was only one “driving cart” left, and it was surrounded by rows of regular carts. This allowed me time and protection to get all three kids safely into the cart (side note: I had to bribe my four-year-old son with Popsicles and gum to get him to agree to ride in the basket). I backed out of the long row of carts with all three kids, and this couple was still behind me. My “Mama-dar” was on high alert, so instead of starting my shopping, I headed toward the pharmacy where I knew there would be managers with access to a phone to all security. The couple followed me, and when they realized I was staying put until I have some assistance, they disappeared out the front of the store. The manager tried to go find them, but they were gone.”

The post has been viewed about 25,000 times according to the media, but I cannot see any thing to support that on the blog itself.  There are 73 comments at this writing.  Many were posting a similar thing happened to them, and others suggested beefing up security and even gathering enforce at the parking lot to scare away the predators.  Social media accounts were posting  it was happening at all the HEB’s.

Then a sudden turn on Thursday, when the FBI announced they can find no evidence to support Corrigan’s story.  They released a statement:

“Today, the FBI and the San Antonio Police Department investigated an alleged attempt to abduct a child at a San Antonio grocery store (HEB) Tuesday afternoon (May 17, 2016). Investigators found no evidence that the attempted abduction took place. Addressing threats against children in our community is one of the highest priorities for both SAPD and the FBI. We encourage the public to promptly report any activity which may threaten the safety of our children.”  It is my guess that the police probably viewed video surveillance of the parking lot.

I decided to ago to Corrigan’s blog called “A Mom Divided,” to see if she wrote anymore about what happened. Her intro states she is a mother of three, attended Vanderbilt University and believed in honesty and sincerity, and likes working out and shopping and drinking wine.  I did not find anything more about the incident.

Then on Thursday, law enforcement source told KSAT that Corrigan is recanting her story. So, it appears, the lengthly post, with extreme detail, which included even calling the couple “dirty” never happened.  Evidently, there was no couple, let alone a “dirty” couple.

My San Antonio reports, “She [Corrigan] appeared on a TV news report but declined an interview request Thursday afternoon, saying,  ‘Our message and purpose behind this post is getting skewed by the media.’”

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