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6-year-old missing from Ohio FOUND

neveahwiley5/29/16 – The police have determined that Nevaeh was taken by an unknown man and are asking the public for information. Police say after interviewing Nevaeh, they determined that she was taken from a second story unit in the home by the unidentified white male, reports Cleveland 19.

“She says he came in, and he grabbed her, and he says, ‘shut up,’ and he held her mouth, and he got in the truck with her. She told us this whole story. And, he got in the truck, and he told her to lay down on the dashboard. She says there was a whole bunch of people in the house, so he had to sneak her to his room,” said her family members.

5/22/16 – Nevaeh was found after she went and knocked on someone’s door after she was dropped off by an unknown person.  NFI at this time.

5/21/16 – Nevaeh Wiley, 6, has been missing from Cleveland, Ohio since Saturday afternoon.  She was last seen at her home on the 3000 block of West 104th Street around 6 a.m.  She was reported missing from the Cudell neighborhood by her grandmother around 3 p.m.  She was last seen wearing white pjs with Minnie Mouse.  There have been reports of a young girl seen walking on the 10300 block of Madison Avenue around 3:20 p.m.

Nevaeh is 3’2″ tall and 45 pounds.  She has brown hair is braided and brown eyes.

Anyone who sees the girl is asked to contact Cleveland police by calling 911 or 216-621-1234.

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