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Has Cody Dial been found? YES!

12/19/16 – After waiting since May for results if a body found in a Costa Rican jungle belongs to a missing Alaska man, an answer has finally come.

Roman Dial, Cody’s father stated over the phone that the remains were found in Corcovado National Park and it was determined that Cody was killed when a tree fell on his camp, reported.  Foul play has been ruled out for several reasons.  One of the things that was found at the camp was a stove belonging to Cody that was heavily damaged.  Roman stated canister was bent and the burner connecting to it had snapped off in “such a way that it only would have broken off with tremendous force.”  Also, trees suddenly falling in the jungle is a common occurrence and not unique.

5/20/16  On the cusp of the debut of a National Geographic mini series on missing Cody Dial, his father has stated on Friday that human remains have been found in the Costa Rican jungle near where their son went missing in 2014.

“It is with profound sadness and incredibly mixed emotions that I can say my son’s remains have likely been found,” Roman tells People. “I am on my way to Costa Rica, where Peggy will join me shortly to identify what appears to be Cody’s body.”

The National Geographic Channel’s True-Crime Series is debuting on Sunday with “Missing Dial” about Roman and Peggy Dial’s search for their son, Cody who was last known to be in the Corvodera National Park in Costa Rica. Although Roman and Peter who live in Alaska, searched the jungle several times and was with the camera crew as the series was being made, reportedly the remains that were found were outside the area where they were searching.

Sneakers, camping gear and other items have been found near the remains which may help make a preliminary identification until a positive identification is made.

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