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Fredrick Boehm missing from Texas since 2001

Missing Person Texas Fredrick Boehm

Fredrick Boehm, who is nicknamed “Little Joe” has been missing from Marshall, Texas since February 2001.

Fredrick Joseph Boehm was last seen in the 3000 block of Victory Drive. Little Joe was ready for bed when he received a phone call between 11:00 p.m. and midnight.  After the phone call he changed into street clothes and left the home he shared with Coley Briggs, his roommate and his girlfriend.   He started walking west away from Victory Dr., according to police. He has not been heard from since.  According to Lil Joe’s sister, Jolene, “two different upstanding citizens that called in saying they seen Joe Boehm walking down their street! They both said he was walking w/ a limp & looking down @ the ground!”

He was dressed and ready for bed when he received a phone call around 11 p.m. or midnight that drew him out of the house he shared with roommate Coley Briggs and his girlfriend.

Jolene believes that there is one man who is homeless in Mexico that just might be her brother.  Click here to see.  Jolene believes he may be the one in the flannel shirt. Although, trying for several years to get help in identifying the man in Mexico, she has not been able to get any help, even from the US Embassy.   If you are able to help, let me know and I’ll get you in contact with Jolene.



Boehm is described as 6’0″, 130 pounds with brown hair and hazel eyes. At the time of the disappearance he was wearing camouflage jacket, gray shirt, blue jeans and boots. He was 24-years-old in 2001.


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