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Missing Wisconsin man's body found in freezer

UPDATE: William May, Jr., 59, was taken to police headquarters by police so they could talk with him about why his father was in the freezer.   They arrested him for corpse abuse.  A cause of death of William May senior has not been established because an autopsy has not been done as they have to wait for the body to thaw.  More charges may follow once the autopsy is complete.

Original story: William May, 85, went missing from Mobile, Alabama.  The police went to his home on the 500 block of Wisconsin with a search warrant to look of him and found this body in the freezer located in the garage.  That is all the information that the police have released at this time.  How he ended up in the freezer is not know at this time.

In May 2016, Arma Ann Roush, 75, of Goldsboro, N.C. was found inside a chest freezer.  Her daughter put her in there after she has passed away several months before.

In March 2016, the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office  deputies went to a home in Rabid City, N.D. in reference to a possible missing person’s case related to an ongoing fraud investigation. They found an elderly woman’s body in  a freezer. The woman was identified as Adele Zebrowski or Arkansas.  The authorities stated that the woman’s son, Stewart Zebrowki had brought the  freezer  to North Dakota when he moved there in 2013, so he could continue to collect her social security money.  Stewart has since died.

Authorities in Cook Falls, Delaware found a woman’s body in a chest freezer within the home. The woman they believe was between 100 and 104 and had likely been in the freezer for a year and a half.

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies found an 80-year-old man dead in a freezer after they responded to a suicide call at the same house. The teen son called the police when he found a suicide note and his father deceased in a van.  When deputies arrived they also found the teen’s grandfather dead inside a freezer. Investigators say the 80-year-old grandfather had been sick for sometime and was refusing to take his medication or see a doctor, and the teen’s father stated in the suicide note he could not continue to live without his father.

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