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Maine woman last seen in Walmart parking lot FOUND

Valerie Tieman

4/7/18 – Luc Tieman testified on his own behalf during the murder trial of his wife.  Time told the court he was in the process of hiring the “Missing Persons of America” organization to come to Maine and help him look for Valerie when her body was found.  Although we have spoken to many people over the years, we have no record of speaking to Luc Tieman.

Also, Tieman freely admitted to lying to officials multiple times, hindering their investigation. Tieman says he lied about his wife overdosing and causing her death, lied because he felt the police were threatening his parents, lied when he told officials he wrote the note buried with Valerie’s body, and lied about her leaving him at Walmart, reports News Center Maine.

9/28/16 –  According to court documents, Valerie Tieman was killed by two gunshots to the head and not a heroin overdose that her husband told police. Valerie’s remains were found and positively identified.

9/21/16 – According to the Maine police, Luc Tieman has been arrested for murder.  He was located at a motel on Kennebec Memorial Drive in Waterville and taken into custody and charged with the murder of his wife, Valerie Tieman.

Luc Tieman

9/20/16 – A body has been found at 628 Norridgewock Road, which is the same address as where Luc and Valerie lived with Luc’s parents.  The body was found about 250 yards from the house in the woods.  Authorities have not released the identification of the body at this writing.

Original story:  9/19/16 – Valerie Joe Tieman, 34, is missing from Fairfield, Maine.  She was last seen on Aug. 30, going to Walmart with her husband.

Valerie’s husband, Luc Tieman told police that he left Valerie in his red truck as he went inside the Walmart in Skowhegan.  When he came back out she was gone.  He did not call the police  and told the Kennebec Morning Sentinel that he wife had run off before.  It was Valerie’s parents, the Harmon’s that called the police to report her missing on Sept. 9.

Luc told the Kennebec Morning Sentinel that Valerie had “run off” before, but did not elaborate. Luc is getting hammered by social media and there are several posts he made in his defense.


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