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Baby's remains found in Somerset County identified

9/23/16 – Earlier this week, I learned that a construction company in Somerset County dug up a cooler and inside were human remains.  The exact location was not released, and state police would not confirm many details, so with little information I waited till more information came out.

Then on Thursday more information did come out that explained everything.   According to the police the remains that were found were of a  baby who died at birth, 45-years-ago.  The baby was buried in the front yard of the parent’s home in 1971, in a flower garden.  The location turned out to be the exact location where the utility company was digging to put in electric lines.  The cooler turned out to be a white medical container buried about 2 to 3 feet under ground.   Inside was a baby blanket with human remains, and a hospital bracelet with the word “Baby” written on it.

WBOC news reported that the family still lived in the area and told the authorities the story.  The parents have since died.  The remains will be taken by the medical examiner to be buried.

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