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Terri Horman talks with Dr. Phil about missing Kyron Horman; accused of stealing gun

10/21/16 – Terri was found with a gun in July after she was stopped by police for speeding.  KGW-TV reports that the roommate reported the missing gun in 2015 and at that time told police Terri took it from her safe from her home in Marysville, California.   Terri told PEOPLE exclusively.  “I’m not guilty,” Terri Horman says. “I don’t steal things.”

Yuba County sheriff’s spokeswoman told OregonLive, “She did indeed have the firearm.”

Terri was charged, but she didn’t show up in court for the arraingment.  She is scheduled to appear in court in Marysville on Dec. 16, 2016 for the theft charge and failure to appear in court.


9/26/16 – On September 22, 2016, Terri Horman the step mother of Kyron Horman who went missing in 2010, was on the Dr. Phil show.  One of the things that were brought up was the Polygraph test that Terri took.

Terri, herself said she was told that she had failed the first two of the polygraph tests and she walked out on the third.  She stated that she had her back to the polygrapher when she was taking the test and because she was hard of hearing and that is why she failed.   Dr. Phil asked if it was established before the test she wasn’t hearing well and Terri said yes.  Terri stated the question she failed was whether Kyron was in the truck with her.  She didn’t state whether she told the polygrapher no or yes.

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A landscaper told authorities that Terri wanted to hire him to murder her husband at the time, Kaine.  Terri told Dr. Phil that she did not attempt to hire any one to kill her husband.  She said that it was not true and it retribution by the landscaper because the landscaper made advances towards her and she rebuked him.

The September 21 episode is below:

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