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Remains found in shallow grave in Alabama during search for missing couple FOUND

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UPDATE 2/27/17 –  The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office on Monday announced a $5,000 reward is being offered by the office of Gov. Robert Bentley for information leading to the person or persons responsible for Dusty and Jennifer’s death, that the police have ruled as a homicide.

“The main suspect in this case was murdered in an unrelated case,”  Chief Deputy Randy Christian told news. “There are other suspects involved in our case and we are going to bring them to justice. Hopefully this reward will prompt someone with information to expedite those arrest for us.”

10/6/16 – Chief Deputy Coroner Bill Yates today said the remains found in the shallow graves are Duston “Dusty” Turner and Jennifer Phillips.  There has been no determination of death at this time, but police believe it is foul play.

10/3/16 – Duston “Dusty” Turner, 38, of Dora, Ala. and Jennifer Phillips, 30, were last seen at their home in Quinton in Jefferson in Walker County in Alabama on September 14, 2016, and family fear that remains found in a shallow grave near Oakdale Road may be Dusty and another area that has yet to be investigated may be Jennifer.

Jefferson County sheriff’s arrived at the Miller Steam Plant on Saturday, after volunteers called them after making the discovery. The volunteers were in the area as that is where the couple’s cell phones were last used according to news.

The sheriff’s confirmed there were buried remains in a shallow grave and another shallow grave was found nearby.  The area will be investigated on Monday by a forensic team.

If you know where Turner could be, call the Walker County Sheriff’s Office immediately at 205-302-6464.


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