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Man finds missing posters hanging from trees in the woods

You may hear about this story over the next few days and I wanted to give you some more information about it.

A YouTube video was posted by a man who wanted everyone to see what he found when he was walking in the woods of Suffolk County, New York.  In one area he came across trees with missing posters on them.  Each tree had a black and white missing poster that was covered with a protective plastic sleeve, taped to the tree.  The man sounds freaked out as he goes to each tree and shows the names on the posters. He also describes the setting where there is a tent and a clearing with logs in a ring waiting for someone to come and sit on them.

Right away as I saw the names on the posters I began to do the research on them, and found that some of the missing people have already been found, but there were also some were well-known missing people like Stacey Peterson and Jennifer Kesse, Susan Powell and Lauren Spierer,   Tara Grinstead.

The video was put up on YouTube by Dateline420 who is James Rankin.  He stated, “After wandering around the forest for an hour or so, hoping to elude whatever crazed maniac might or might not have been looking for me, I returned to the location for the sole purpose of saving a geotag on Gmaps and possibly taking a piece of evidence to show to law enforcement. Recorded Oct. 3rd, 2016 in Suffolk County, NY.”

Rankin reported to the police what he found in the woods.  The police told him later that the posters were put up by a homeowner near the wooded property as part of a Halloween party he was giving.  It is an undoubtable a scary looking scene for a Halloween party, but you may not agree if you have a missing loved one or are not serious about the numbers of missing people in the US.

Some people are saying the whole thing is a set up, where others are posting it was a legit finding.

“IVE LIVED ON LONG ISLAND MY ENTIRE LIFE, I know the person who recorded this video and first of all we have plenty of nature preserves and things of the such especially in the middle of the island going out east into Suffolk county where I live. It absolutely ridiculous to discredit this man, he is completely honest and would never attempt to wrack up views on the internet for money I promise that. He went to the police IMMEDIATLY after recording this video and they claim the people who own a piece of the property say they set it up for a Halloween party which doesnt make much sense. Everybody on here is ready to shout out he’s looking for money when he’s not I promise my word on it. This is extremely frightening and I believe the police do not want to give us all the answers. I really don’t care if you believe me or not, BUT THIS IS REAL.”

Rankin states that the whole “it’s for a party” explanation is too convenient.

“What I wanna know is, if these were “Halloween party” decorations, why have they been hanging there for weeks or months?  Rankin told the Daily Mail. “Because it was plainly obvious that the stuff had been there for quite a while, and not set up recently. That’s clearly the case as seen in the videos. Seems to me they’re just using the time of year as an excuse (just my opinion).”

Sue Abel Pulley agrees in her post, “I do not believe the Halloween party excuse. Some of those posters are old and have been there a long time. I would check out the home owner a lot more!”

Also, there has been a lot of talk about clowns over the last few months.  I reported about the clown sightings in late August and one of the very first sightings in Greenville, South Carolina where residence were worried about their children, as the talk was that the clowns were trying to lure children into the woods.  So far, that has not proved to be fact.  Since then the clown sightings have escalated along with some very deranged people that are putting up Clown Facebook pages and posting scary messages and threats.  Aint Clowning Around is one of those Facebook pages that has been named, but the person running the page says he has nothing to do with any threats.

The International Business Times has a great map of where the sightings have been reported over the US.


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