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Authorities ask for public’s help to find missing woman hit by a car, killed and left in a barn FOUND

Michelle Newell

UPDATE 12/28/16 – A University of North Dakota forensic pathologist reports that the remains found on Dec 2 in rural Cass County belonged to Michelle.  Timothy Barr, 51, of St. Paul has been charged with manslaughter and duty in accident involving death or injury in connection with Newell’s death. 

UPDATE:  12/5/16 – The body of Michelle Newell has been likely found, although a positive identification has to be made. The Cass County Sheriff’s Office declined to say the exact location other than in rural North Dakota.  The Cass County Sheriff’s Office said that the man last seen with Newell, Timothy J. Barr, told them where to find her.  Barr has been charged with one count each of felony manslaughter and felony duty (to stop) in accident involving death or injury.

Original story:  Michelle Newell, 45, went missing on Sept. 8 from Vandals Heights, Minn.  Authorities investigating the case believe that Michelle was actually hit by a car and is dead.

The Ramsey and Cass County Sheriff’s Dept. is asking the public to please keep and eye out for Michelle’s body that could have been placed in a barn, shed or other rural building in Jamestown, North Dakota, Aberdeen, or South Dakota.

Authorities arrested Timothy Barr, 51, of Lakeville, Minnesota with 2nd degree murder without intent and criminal vehicular homicide with the death of Newell.  Barr told police that he left Michelle’s body in a rural building in South Dakota and covered it with straw on August 31.  The police state that Barr traveled through the Dakotas before he returned to Minnesota, and even though Barr stated he left her in South Dakota they are asking the public in North Dakota, Aberdeen and Jamestown to look as well.


Any information should be called into the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office at 651-266-7320.

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