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Do you know who this Jane Doe is from Seattle?

This Jane Doe B10 was found at 14649 16 Ave SW, Seattle in King County, Washington on March 21, 1984. Her body was found on March 21, 1982, and she was believed to have been dead for at least a year.  She is believed to be the victim of serial killer Gary Leon Ridgway aka Green River Killer who confessed to strangling her. Ridgway is currently spending life in prison after pleading guilty of murder in 2004.

There is not much information on her, but it is believed she was between the ages of 12-18 years old, white and around 120 pounds, 5’5 inches tall. No known hair or eye color, and no clothing or accessories. There are no know distinctive body features, but she may have been left-handed. Her dental records and DNA is on file in NAMUS.  I did find a post where Ridgeway was suppose to have said,  “Ridgway said she had brown hair, and thought she was in her early 20s.”  Please not note the NAMUS description states she is younger, and it is possible that Ridgeway may have been confused with the age because there were so many victims of his.


Exclusions are:

Joan Hall 1966 Oregon
Kerry Johnson 1964 Nevada
Patricia Leblanc 1968 Washington
Mary Jo Long 1964 California
Kelly McGuiness 1965 Washington

Gary Ridgway plead guilty to 49 murders, but Ridgway said the actual number of victims is closer to 75 or 80. While many believe that to be true, others believe he is lying in order to increase his stats and be known as one of the worst serial killers.

Photo – Green River Task Force

If you have any information or possible tip on this Jane Doe, please call Janet Gregory at 206-263-2080.

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