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James Davis Walker last seen in Virginia in 2000

James Davis Walker is missing from Traxton, Virginia.  He was last seen on April 7, 2000.  He waited in the car for his friend while he went inside the Food Lion at the Peaksville Shopping Center in Bedford.  When his friend returned James was gone.

James Davis Walker Facebook page

James is balding and was clean-shaven at the time, and wearing blue jeans, a black t-shirt and work boots, and a green baseball hat.  He smokes cigarettes.  He has a tattoo of the initials “J.W.” and “P.W.” on his left arm. Walker has been diagnosed with an
unspecified condition that may prevent him from being cognizant of his surroundings. At the time of his disappearance he also suffered problems that could have been the early stages of Altzheimer’s Disease, though he had not been examined by a
doctor to confirm this.



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