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Keila Ashford Freeman Police digging up back yard of missing Memphis woman FOUND

Keila Ashford

Missing Person Tennessee Keila Ashford Freeman

1/24/18 – Randall Freeman pleaded guilty to second-degree murder of Keila Ashford Freeman and other charges and was sentenced to 28 years by Judge Lee Coffee after approving a plea agreement.

UPDATE 1/10/18 – The body found has been positively identified as Keila Ashford Freeman

UPDATE 12/21/17 –  The body of Keila Ashford Freeman is believed to have been found.  This week the police were in the area of Barnstable Road and Keynon.  They located a body they believe is that of Keila Ashford Freeman; however, police will wait for an official autopsy before confirming the identity.  FOX13 reported Randall Freeman recently provided information about Keila’s whereabouts as part of an agreement.  Additionally, Randall Freeman was charged with 13 counts of attempted first degree murder and multiple counts of attempted aggravated arson.

Previous story:  Keila Ashford Freeman has been missing from Memphis, Tennessee for a month.  Randy Freeman’s Keila’s husband said that on Sept 6 she arrived home but never came inside. Investigators found her keys still in the ignition of her car and her purse, jeans, and debit card inside the home.  Just days before Keila went missing, Randy firebombed a family’s home by throwing Molotov cocktails on three different occasions.

The Memphis police are digging behind that home on Meadow Ridge Trail in Hickory Hill. Freeman is currently in jail for arson charges stemming from an event, according to police records, where Freeman was seen on surveillance video throwing a flaming object into a home in the 7400 block of Germanshire Lane.

Keila Ashford
Keila Ashford Freeman

The concrete the police are digging up was laid just recently and furthermore Freeman used to work for the same construction company that put in the concrete about 4 weeks ago, according to  Fox 13 Memphis.

Memphis police worked all day Thursday, using heavy machinery to  dig up the concrete, and neighbors have determined they are probably searching for evidence or even the body of missing Keila.

After all the searching the authorities were not able to locate anything and have stopped the search for now.

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