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Bianca Carrasco missing from San Antonio

4/7/21 – Still missing.

Bianca Carrasco has been missing since May 1, 2016 from San Antonio, Texas.

The following information was sent to Missing Persons of America from Bianca’s  sister, Jovanna.

“No updates…yet again? Here’s a re-fresher on what we know about May 1 the day my sister went missing:  I spoke to her that day for about 30 minutes at about 230 that afternoon. She was very frustrated and annoyed that her husband would not leave her alone and he kept asking if they were gonna “work it out”. She also spoke to me about getting a lawyer that week because she was tired of fighting and felt like they could not come to an agreement when it came to a divorce and splitting assets on their own. She made jokes in that conversation and sounded like herself.

She left her home with her car that evening at about 730. I won’t give details on where she went, it’s nothing crazy. She wanted to get out of the house to get away. She came back home at about 10 that night and her husband (as he says) questioned her where she was, accused her of being with someone, and it turned into an argument. Based on the story I was told, she started walking from her house and her husband drove past her with the youngest child to go to Odessa (5 hours from SA) This story has been told different depending on who you speak to, police officers, case workers, multiple friends. My sister would’ve never walked on foot anywhere especially at night, very out of character. My sisters last text message was received right before 10 from a person she was talking to. I won’t reveal his name but according to detectives, he has been cleared. Her phone last pinged near her home at 1022 and has absolutely no activity or even been on since. There were no surveillance cameras around her home. She has not been seen or heard from since that night at her home. She does not have her vehicle, she does not have all of her belongings. I was not told of this until 4 pm on Monday May 2. As soon as I found out I attempted to call her all evening and night and her phone was off; again very out of character. It was too late on Monday to find out if she had been at work. Tuesday morning I called her work, and they were just as concerned that she had not been to work or even called since Friday the week prior. And again, This is extremely out of character for my sister! She never called into work much less not just show up. Her career was extremely important to her and she had just graduated as an RN in Oct. of 2015. I was discouraged to call the police by her husband but I was not accepting that at all! I knew in my heart and still know something very bad has happened to my sister. It took all day Tuesday to get her listed as a missing person and here we are. Her house was searched but the vehicles were NOT. Polygraph tests and any contact with detectives are being refused. We even had Dr. Phil wanting to help but cooperation again still being refused. Again, there has been no trace of her since Sunday May 1. No activity on her bank accounts, credit cards etc etc.


It has been brought to my attention multiple times that the story that is being told on what happened to her is that she took off with someone. I can give you all a few guesses as to who would be saying things like this but you all only need one I’m sure. These people continue to bring up what my sister was doing in her private life prior to her disappearance but as you can read from the above paragraph it is truly irrelevant. If we want to discuss what she was doing prior to I could really go into horrific details on the other side of this on what was being said and done to her in her own home. Things that could be testified not just by myself but co-workers and friends. I hate knowing that my sister was going through some pretty terrible days before she went missing ? But at this point none of this is relevant. We have to find her, that’s the only solution to any of this. I feel like there are people that know what happened to her and I pray for their souls.

Please please continue to pray for this situation and its entirety; for my sister Bianca who is missed terribly and loved by many especially her babies. Thank you all for your continued support, for sharing, and for your prayers.”

3 thoughts on “Bianca Carrasco missing from San Antonio

  1. I offer Prayers for this woman and her family. Her sister’s account does seem to confuse the matter however. She speaks of her sister doing something the night she disappeared, but not wanting to give “details”. That is a red-flag and can hinder an investigation. If it was nothing illegal or immoral then there is nothing to hide. If it was one of the aforementioned then there is another lead that needs to be investigated. This post and others around this missing person’s case are very cryptic and incomplete, not conducive to helping find this young lady. Either disclose everything available or disclose nothing and let the detectives handle it. Staying on one side or the other of a river bank keeps the water clear. Dancing in the middle muddies it. God Bless.

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