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Christie Combs missing from Texas FOUND

UPDATE 12/4/16 – The body of Christie Combs has been found inside a carpet alongside the freeway.  Workers had actually found the carpet about a month ago along LA 27 near Hackberry, Louisiana.  It had not been picked up as the crew was continuing their work in the area and had not hauled it off, yet.  It wasn’t until heavy rains caused the carpet to begin to unroll before the crew saw there was a body inside the carpet.

A gofundme account has been set up to assist her children with funeral arrangement costs.

Original story:  Christie Lynn Combs (AKA CC), 43, was last seen on Boondocks Road in Fannett, Texas in July 2016.  She has not been seen since.

She has brown eyes, and brown hair. She walks with a limp due to a knee injury from a wreck. Christie has seizures but did not pick up her last prescription.

She also has several tattoos that can be concealed – a sun on the top of her right foot with the name Kristen written underneath it, a small playboy bunny above her tailbone, a wizard holding a crystal ball on her shoulder blade, and more.
Combs also wears glasses but does wear contacts at times.

If you have any information you can contact Sgt. Estrello @ Orange Police Department
at 409-883-1026 or 409-883-1095.

Find Christie Combs FACEBOOK page

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