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Several teens missing from Spring, Texas

Spring Texas

The police in Spring, Texas are receiving a lot of criticism on social media after it was realized that three weeks went by before a 13-year-old boy was reported missing to the general public.


Anthony Porch has been located.

Anthony Porch, 13, was last seen in Spring on September 29, and the public and the media are just now hearing about it. KPRC2 ran a story today, Oct. 19, stated that investigators were told by CPS on Sept. 29 that he walked away from his foster home. Investigators traveled to San Antonio to talk with relatives as there was some talk he may be heading that way, but Anthony was not found there nor had he shown up. According to KPRC2 the investigators are speculating that Anthony is staying with someone, possibly so he doesn’t have to return to his foster family.

You may have noticed media began telling the public Anthony was missing 20 days after he was reported missing to the police.  PI Amber Cammack from Global Investigations is one of the first that shared this information with her followers on Facebook.  While doing her research on Anthony she noticed that there were other missing teens between 13-15 missing from Spring.


At least Anthony has a photo posted, but many of the other missing children from Spring that Amber posted do NOT have a photo at all.  Click here to see it on Harris County Sheriff’s website.  They are listed as runaways and I do not remember seeing anything put out by the media about them.  In fact, I went to the Harris County Sheriff’s Facebook page and there are no missing teens posted, but in September, one adult.  I didn’t go back any father than that. What about these  teens below that don’t even have a photo, and Anthony Porch?  Why is he not on the Facebook page?

Also, I have to point out the Alyssa Schaeffer case.  Alyssa went missing from Spring, Texas on Monday, Oct 17.  That case received mass amounts of coverage from the media and social media.  Alyssa was considered a runaway.  The Harris County police were searching the woods looking for her for hours, until she was found the following day sleeping in the woods.  The big disconnect I see here is that Alyssa was reported missing on Monday and the media ran the story right away.  Anthony goes missing and it is 20 days before the media knows about him.

I do not know if the media heard Alyssa was missing from the family or the police, but it does seem that the media heard about Anthony missing only from the police.  Anthony’s foster family did the right thing by reporting him missing right away to the police, but you can’t help but wonder if a family member had gone to social media with the fact that he was missing his story would have made it to the public sooner.  It is a good chance that the local media would have picked up the story and ran it.  But, regardless it should not have to be their job to do that.  It should be the police, giving equal attention to each and every missing person, including passing the information to media.

If you know of Anthony’s whereabouts, please contact the Harris County Sheriff’s Office at 1-713-221-6000.

I like to give a shout out to Chron and Click2Houston as they really do a great service announcing and reporting on missing people.  Better than any other media I have seen.

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