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College student missing from Texas after going out on date FOUND

Zuzu Verk

College student missing from West Texas

UPDATE 6/12/17 – Estrada has been charged with evidence tampering and has made bail and is out of jail.  Robert Fabian, had been indicted for murder in March and remains in jail.  Authorities state that evidence found where Zuzu was buried led them to their suspect.  Zuzu’s remains were positively identified.  No injuries were found on the body and the medical examiner believes she was suffocated.

UPDATE 4/2/17 – A Brewster County grand jury indicted Chris Estrada on charges of tampering with or fabricating physical evidence by concealing a human corpse in the death of Zuzu.

UPDATE 2/7/17 – The body found has been confirmed to be Zuzu.

UPDATE 2/4/17 – A body has been found and Robert Fabian has been arrested and charged with fabricating physical evidence by concealing a human corpse.  WFAA obtained the search warrants, which state that “Fabian called his friend Chris Estrada twice during the early morning hours of Verk’s disappearance.”  In another search warrant it said that Fabian borrowed a Ford F-150 that belonged to Estrada on Oct. 12.

Saturday, authorities also stated that evidence found where the body was found led them to believe the remains were Zuzu Verk. However, a positive identification has yet to be made

UPDATE 1/12/17 – Zuzu is still missing.  There have also been no arrests or charges filed in the case, even though police say her ex boyfriend, Robert Fabian, remainszuzu verk the primary suspect.  According to search warrants obtained by News 8, Fabian and another person of interest, Chris Estrada, Fabian’s friend, acted strangely in the days following her disappearance.  A grand jury for Zuzu Verk, met for the second time in December and Estrada and Fabian were there and asked questions.  Fabian’s attorney answered “no comment” for his client.  The Grand Jury is expected to reconvene in January 2017.

UPDATE 10/24/16 – The police are asking the public to keep an eye out for a white 2016 Ford Mustang that was driven between the hours of midnight on Wednesday, October 12, 2016 throughout Thursday morning October 13, 2016, and if you see it to let them know.

Original Story:  Zuzu Verk, 22, is missing from Alpine, Texas.  She was last seen on Oct. 12, 2016 after she did not show up for work or a mid-term exam at Sul Ross University where she is a biology student.  Zuzu’s father says she went on a date the night before disappearing.

Fox 4 news reports that the “police there have searched over 400 square acres in the air, on foot and on horseback for her. On Friday, students, faculty and staff from the university joined in the voluntary search coordinated through police.”


Antonio Alvarez is a person of interest and is not cooperating with the police, although before he said that she told him that she felt unsafe.

During the past week, the uncertainty associated with the unknown has pervaded the usually-peaceful and safe environment the Sul Ross State University family enjoys. The disappearance of one of our students, Zuzu Verk, has deeply affected the entire campus community as well as Alpine and the surrounding area. Sul Ross, along with the extended community, has responded admirably in various ways, particularly through extensive participation in the numerous searches undertaken in efforts to locate Zuzu. The active support and countless prayers are deeply appreciated by family and friends. Throughout this crisis, we, as a university family, remain hopeful that this story has a happy ending. We pledge our continuous support and participation in the search for our friend and Sul Ross family member, Zuzu Verk. I urge anyone with information regarding Zuzu’s whereabouts to contact the Alpine Police Department at (432) 837-3486.

The Alpine Police’s Facebook page is saying there is a $500,000 reward for information to her location.

Zuzu is  5’0″, 110 lbs, blonde hair and hazel eyes. Zuzu’s original hair color is brown but recently colored it blonde. If you have any information about the location of ZuZu, please call the Alpine Police Department at 432-837-3486.


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