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Northern Calif woman goes missing while jogging FOUND

UPDATE 0/25/7 – Almost a full year from the day that Sherri Papini went missing, the FBI has released a sketch of two suspects, and have shared new information concerning the abduction of Sherri.  The first woman was described by Papini as Hispanic, between 20 and 30 years old, about 5 feet 5 inches tall, with coarse, curly dark hair, thin eyebrows and pierced ears, FBI officials said.  The second woman was described as Hispanic, between 40 and 50 years old, about 5 feet 7 inches tall, with long, straight black hair with some gray in it. She had thick eyebrows and pierced ears, the FBI said.

DNA samples belonged to a woman and a man were collected off Papini’s body and clothing, respectively, Sgt. Brian Jackson said, reports the LA Times. The male sample did not match Sherri’s husband.

More details have come out regarding her release.  Her family stated when she was found on Interstate 5 in Yolo County she had a with a quarter-inch thick chain around her waist, hose clamps around her wrists, her face bruised and her nose broken from beatings.

Among the details included in the sheriff’s press release: Sherri Papini had been “texting with a male acquaintance from Michigan. Days prior to Sherri’s disappearance, Sherri and the male acquaintance texted … in an attempt to meet while he was in California. Sheriff’s detectives interviewed him in Michigan and determined he was not involved in Sherri’s disappearance.”

The Record Searchlight reported, “Papini told a forensic interviewer that she slammed her younger captor’s head into a toilet when she was allowed to leave her captivity room for a shower, Jackson said. He said Papini told the interviewer that she got a cut on the side of her right foot in the fight, but “when she was being processed at the hospital … no evidence of a cut was seen in the photographs.”

And regarding the branding,  Sgt. Brian Jackson told the Record Searchlight that the letters were “obscure letters.”  Exactly, what it says will still not be revealed so to not impede the investigation.

Even with the sketches and over 400 tips regarding this case, the authorities are no closer to figuring out who would have abducted Sherri than they were before.

The 911 tape has also been released today:

UPDATE  12/5/16 – It looks as though Sherri Papini and her husband, Keith has left town and gone to someplace cold, according to the New York  Post.

Is the Supermom case a hoax?

“Sherri and Keith Papini left their home in Redding with their two kids but decided not to bring the dogs, friends said.  A “buddy of Keith’s” was at the Papini home on Sundust Road on Saturday around noon — and told a Post reporter he was there to ‘walk the dogs.’”  He also told the New York Post that he didn’t think they were ever coming back and  were staying with “wealthy relatives.”  A neighbor stated that a new truck Keith was seen in belonged to a friend and not Keith and was being used to “stay under the radar.”

With the language of “skipped town” and “fled” being used by the media we can only take it with a grain of salt, as they may be taking a Christmas vacation for all we know.

UPDATE 11/29/16 – Sheriff Bosenko stated, “While law enforcement officers were still searching for her captors, the investigation had shifted toward looking into events from Papini’s past, including her first marriage, divorce and online activity that might have inspired her kidnapping,” reports IB Times.

UPDATE 11/28/16 – The Record Searchlight has said that Sheriff Bosenko has “elaborated” on what was said during the 911 call.  One of the things that has been repeated on social media is that one of the reporting officers stated “chained to something.”  I listened to the scanner call and didn’t hear that, but it was a very noisy, busy recording and figured I must have missed it.  In fact, it was so tough to hear that I put inaudible (see a couple of paragraph below where I talk about this) where I couldn’t make out what they were saying.  Now Bosenko is saying that it was “not phrased that way.”

“We weren’t specific on how she was restrained,” he said. “After being released, dropped off, however you want to refer to it, she walked to a nearby church, and then nobody was there, and then walked to I-5 near Road 17, where she flagged down a motorist.”

A woman that drove by Sherri when she was on the road confessed it on Facebook and apologized for not stopping. This same woman said that Sherri was waving a shirt and then later, waving something.

Also, there was the heavily battered comment.  I specifically heard that and what I heard was, “be advised she is heavily battered.”  So, Bosenko was asked about that and he would not specify what those injuries were.

Also, brand new information I have not heard before is this comment of when he used the word “assault.”  He explained, it was based on the “heavily battered” comment.  So, to me that means that he assumed she was assaulted and later on when she met with her or met with the reporting officer to the scene he got clarification on what was seen.

“We’re not providing the details, other than they were non-life threatening and that she was treated and released,” he said of the injuries.

UPDATE 11/28/16 – Every day since Sherri has been found there has been updates on her story.  Today I read that the Sheriff Dept. has twenty warrants that they will be working on. Some have to do with cell phone records and computer records.  Hopefully, it will lead them to answers to the questions surrounding this case.

UPDATE 11/27/16 – Is there a connection between this incident and Sherri Papini?  A woman called the police and made a report (below) about seeing a woman that looked like Sherri in a truck.  The truck was a blue 1996 Chevy Truck.    Is it just a coincidence that a man rolled his blue 90’s Chevy truck into the Sacramento River on the 15th?  BUT, please note the report is dated the 22, but I don’t know if the event actually happened on the 22nd.  I am trying to verify the date that the incident happened. It might turn out to be the 22 or it could have happened a week before and was not reported to the police till the 22nd.


Recording from Dispatch and Sheriff Dept.

“(inaudible)….be advised, she is very heavily battered,” the recording said. “Okay, the location is going to be just south of Yolo on North I-5

“(inaudible)… she is on the freeway?”

“Confirmed, North I-5  just south of Yolo.”

Then about ¾ of the way through the recording.

“Do you want to come over I might have a witness.”

UPDATE 11/25/16 – After Sherri’s sister,Sheila Koeste, did a press conference around 3 p.m. on Friday, even more speculation about what happened to Sherri is swirling around social media.  It was hard to understand what the news conference was intended for, as question after question asked by the media was answered by Sherri’s sister with an “I don’t know,” or she didn’t have any details. Click here to read the transcript.

This might explain why Sheila was so elusive:


Shasta Enterprises is owned by Rodriguez who is Sherri’s husbands step-father.  But, I don’t understand how this is connected to Sherri.  The money would go to Sherri NOT the husband’s step-father.

I have the same question that I did when Rachael Mattice went missing; where is a sketch of the abductors?

“Most people who have been abducted are afraid for their safety and want the abductor to be captured immediately, but in Rachael’s case there seems to be no rush to do that,” MPofA said on the Rachael Mattice story.

I am hoping that in the next few days we will see a sketch rendering of the suspects that abducted Sherri, so that we can share that photo as much as we shared Sherri’s missing poster.

An interesting post, by Sherri Graeff which is Sherri Papini’s maiden name, has surfaced on the website, Skinheadz.  Written in I believe 2007.  It was hard to find the date, so let me know if I am wrong.  It tells a story about an incident that happened to Sherri, called “Keep Walking.”  In part it reads:

“The chief problem was that I was drug-free, white and proud of my blood and heritage. This really irked a group of Latino girls, which would constantly rag and attack me. One night, at my volleyball game, my homecoming game, I spotted this gang of Latinos sitting behind my father. As the game was coming to an end, I kept seeing my Dad snap around and look behind him, like he kept getting hit by something. Then I caught, out of the corner of my eye, those little devils throwing ice at my Dad and mocking him by raising their hands in the air, as if they were saluting Hitler.

After the game was over and we shook hands with the other team, I walked up the bleachers towards my Dad. Just at the moment he turned around, I told the Latinos — nicely, actually — to quit their acting up. Then, one of them called me “Hitler,” unleashed a barrage of profanity against me and my Dad and took a swipe at me. That really teed me off. I don’t think I’ve ever been that mad. I lunged back at her, slamming her head between the bleachers and pounding her face. It took three full-sized men to pull me off of her. I broke her nose and split her eyebrow. After they got me out of the gym, I had to deal with the cops and such. She did not press charges, so I was released to my father’s custody.

Two weeks later, I was closing the family pizza-joint we owned, when two cars pulled up. I didn’t even have to turn around to see who it was. I instinctively knew who it was. Three Latino guys and five girls rushed in and jumped me. I put up a fight, but I was clearly outnumbered and at a disadvantage. Jessi, the girl whose nose I broke, was with them. They kept hollering about how they hated Skinheads, how all Skinheads should be “burned alive” and how I and my ancestors were supposedly all “KKK.” I actually laughed in their faces, at the inaccuracy of their statements. I mean, they were so dumb that they actually were funny. How dumb can you be? There wasn’t even a Skinhead anywhere in sight.

Then, I got knocked to the floor and kicked in the face. I took a deep breath and shook my head in disbelief. “Can this really be happening?” I thought to myself. Then, I thought, “Is it worth it?” “Is being white and standing up for myself and my beliefs worth all this pain I’m having to put up with?” Then, I heard the echo of my Dad’s voice, “You did the right thing. Keep walking, Sher. I’m proud of you.” It was that pride that gave me the will I needed, right then and there. I took a deep breath, let out a cuss word and got right back up, swinging. I don’t ever swear like that, ever, but, somehow, the word just slipped out, just as Jessi kicked me in the stomach and the others hit me in the face, a few times. Then, before I even saw it coming, whack, one of them smashed me in the shin with a two-by-four, fracturing my leg.”

The story is really tough to read and you can’t help but wince when reading about the beating.  Is it possible that whomever abducted Sherri, which in her own words were two Hispanic females, be the same that Sherri fought with in the past?  Is it possible they saw Sherri and recognized her and decided to attack her again, like they did so many years ago?  Or is it just a coincidence that once again Sherri’s is being hated on by Hispanic’s?  Both theories seem utterly wild.

“The term Skinhead Girl, of course, can be a misnomer. If it means a girl who works with Skinheads, advances the Skinhead cause and stands by her man, then the term is probably correct. But, if it is used to describe a female who feigns being a Skinhead, herself, it is not a proper usage of the term. So, Skinheads launched an educational campaign of their own depicting girls who are part of the Skinhead cause and who sometimes call themselves “Skinhead Girls,” but who are beautiful, feminine and attractive. They published articles by Skinhead Girls, such as Sherri Graef, stating plainly that “girls should not fight,” but that combat is left solely to men, unless in extreme circumstances of self-defense…”Skinheadz website

Sherri’s mother and father, Loretta and Rich Graeff, have said from the beginning that Sherri had been abducted, but most family’s do.  Most family’s come to that conclusion because they can’t imagine their loved one disappearing suddenly, especially when their are children involved.  But, when the abduction theory reaches farther than the family and friends to a third party that puts up a sum of money and has another party make a video offering the money as a reward, now we have gone into an area that I have never heard of before.  This story becomes more and more unprecedented as time goes on.

Sherri’s pink jogging jacket was found nearby.  If the found clothes did belong to Sherri, what was she wearing? (RP stands for reporting person)

sherripapinimapMap shows where Sherri disappeared from and where the clothes were found.

On Nov. 22, an individual called the police to tell them they saw a person that looked like Sherri with a man at a gas station in Redding.  The individual told police s/he asked the woman if she was Sherri and the woman “was invasive.”  A man came back to the truck at that time and the individual left.  A license plate number was taken that comes back to a blue 1996 Chevrolet Silverado truck, 2dr K1500 Cheyenne 4WD Extended Cab SB. NFI at this time.

UPDATE 11/24/16 –  The media is reporting that Sherri Papini has been FOUND!!!! She was located Northstate and in stable condition.  Her husband is by her side. NFI  The reward for Sherri ran out yesterday morning.  We do not know at this time if the reward video had anything to do with her being found.

Sherri was released by her capture and left on a road around 4:30 a.m. Nov. 24th near Interstate 5 in Northern Yolo county.  Sherri was found by a motorist. She was bound.  Law enforcement officials found her bound and helped her get untied.  She was taken to the hospital, and she called her husband to let him know she had been found.

The police are looking for a dark-colored SUV with two hispanic females who have a handgun.

The police are looking for tips on this case that you can give to them or leave anonymously here.

UPDATE 11/7/16 – Sherri is still missing and her husband, Keith stated that he received a text message from her around 10:30 a.m. the day she went missing.  He said that he usually does not take his personal cell phone with him to work and did not respond to Sherri till around 1:30 p.m.  There is a $50,000 reward for information.

Original story:  Sherri Papini, 34, is missing from California.  She was last seen on Wednesday near Sunrise Drive near Old Oregon Trail in Redding around 2 p.m. while jogging. When her husband, Keith Papini returned home from work she nor the children were at home.  The children were at day care and family members had picked them up from childcare.

Keith using the “Find my IPhone” app found his wife’s cell phone on Old Oregon Trail and Sunrise Dr.  Earbuds were also found and something else that the Sheriff Bosenko would not elaborate on.

Currently, there are no public searches ongoing, but the Sheriff welcomes any information, like a suspicious person or vehicle in that area.

A reporter asked about if an animal had attacked Sherri, but the Sheriff said he has no information about any sightings of any wild life in that area.

A LEO search has been done in this area but nothing has been found.

Papini is an adult white woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. She weighs 100 lbs. and is 5’4″. She was last seen wearing a pink running outfit.

If you have any information of her whereabouts, call the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office at 530-245-6540 or Major Crimes Unit at 530-245-6135.

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