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Taken Too Soon – A True Story by Patrick McStay

The disappearance of the McStay family was a national story in February 2010, when the family of four went missing from their Fallbrook home.  Now, on the 3rd anniversary of the discovery of their remains in the desert, Patrick McStay, the father of Joey McStay has announced the release of his new book “McStays, Taken Too Soon: A True Story“>McStay’s Taken Too Soon – A True Story.”

After years of theories and rumors surrounding this case, this book will shed a light on the truth, and will reveal what the family was really like.

February 4, 2010. The last day anyone heard the voices of Joseph, Summer, Gianni or Joey Jr. McStay. The family’s two beloved dogs were left abandoned in the backyard, food left out to rot, and a growing and thriving home-based business had orders pouring in unanswered.

Joseph’s father, Patrick, and other family members insisted their loved ones would never disappear voluntarily. Many suspected Joseph’s contract employee of foul play. Yet for four years, the San Diego Sheriff’s Department led the public to believe they had left of their own accord and moved to Mexico, until the harrowing discovery of four bodies in the desert shattered that illusion.

Journey inside the lives of Joseph and Summer, hear their own accounts of their life together as well as insight from close friends and family. Read about Patrick’s fight to keep his family’s case in the forefront, and about the love he shared with his son for so many years. – excerpt from McStays, Taken Too Soon:  A True Story

Anyone that has followed this story when they went missing tried to figure out what happened to the family.  Did they really cross the border into Mexico?  Were they in a witness protection program?  Did someone harm them?  The latter being too hard to believe because of the two small children.

The McStay family disappearance has been subjected to rumors and theories that made it almost impossible to know what the truth was.  Going a step further, those rumors also painted the family in a dark light and not only because of the actions by the police department, that tried to convince the public that a grainy black and white photo showed them walking into Mexico, but also because social media felt their disappearance was notorious, with theories of Joey’s wife, Summer, poisoning him.  Skeletal remains found  in two unmarked graves in the desert, proved they were victims of foul play.

Over the years, Patrick McStay, Joey’s father has endured not just the loss of his son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren, but also the dismissal attitude of the police department and an online predator that bullied his way into the notoriety of the case to try and make a name for himself.   Even after the arrest of Charles “Chase” Merritt for the murder of the McStay family in November 2014, the rumors and lies shifted to Merritt’s innocence and an array of theories that social media thought were people more likely responsible.

Patrick kept mostly silent to the public over the years, but now he is going to set the record straight by going into details that have never been heard before about this case.

“This is more of a behind the scenes of what I was doing in the investigation, along with more about Joey, Summer, Michael, Susan and me,” Patrick McStay told Missing Persons of America.

Those close to the story know all to well the fight that McStay did in order to get the San Diego Sheriff’s Office to continue working his missing son’s case.

“It focuses on the San Diego Sheriff’s Department and Dugal who was handling the case at the time,” said McStay.  “It also contains emails and letters to and from government officials and Dugal, and the complaints I filed with the SD Internal Affairs and the California, Citizens Law Enforcement Review Board.”

McStay’s book releases November 11, 2016, but can be pre-ordered starting Nov. 4 on Kindle.  It will be available on Amazon and Worldwide on the 11th.
McStays, Taken Too Soon: A True Story“>McStay’s Taken Too Soon – A True Story.”

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